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KON4M 99
September 1999

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Jim Keith 1949 - 1999


Jim Keith on The Biggest Secret

As some of you know, James Keith broke his leg at Burning Man, stepping off of a three-foot stage. Thinking it was just a severe sprain, he went home and tried to sleep it off. Realizing the next morning it was more, he went to Washoe Medical and was to be treated for a broken knee. This was to involve surgery, but was delayed due to a problem with kidney function.

On Tuesday, September 7th, he was in good spirits, but worried about the thought of being put under. He is quoted by a friend as saying, "I have this feeling that if they put me under I'm not coming back"

That night, Jim Keith went in for his surgery, and around 8:10 PM, a blood clot released from his leg went to his lung and he passed away.

James leaves behind two daughters Aerika (13) and Verity (15).


Jim Keith's Big Secret

Robert Sterling

Now that Jim Keith has passed away, one of his secrets can be revealed:

Jim Keith was Commander X.

Well, not completely: Commander X, the author of a group of spooky books dealing with subjects ranging from Tesla free energy, the Philadelphia Experiment, and alien overlords who rule our society, was actually a pen name for various authors. Keith was one of them: Timothy Beckley is another.

The irony, of course, is that in one of his last articles (a review of David Icke's "The Biggest Secret," written for The Konformist), Keith claims that "Icke's new book is a classic at that odd edge of literature inhabited by people like Bill Cooper, Commander X, Al Bielek, George Andrews, and a flock of others; folks who have a decided talent for making money, but have to ask others to tie their shoes for them." The irony is even more delicious, because secretly Keith admired Bill Cooper's unique style and ability to cause a controversy.

In any case, now may be a good time to read some of the entertaining works of Commander X again, or for a first time if you haven't already. Many in the conspiracy field have long believed that Commander X was some sort of fascist Nazi propaganda, where good light-skinned aliens battle evil, large-nosed alien monsters. When looking at the work as satire rather than a disinformation vehichle, however, Commander X is quite a hoot.


Books by Jim Keith

The Octopus : The Secret Government and Death of Danny Casolaro

(co-authored with Kenn Thomas)

Black Helicopters over America : Strikeforce for the New World Order

Black Helicopters II : The Engame Strategy

Casebook on Alternative 3: UFOs, Secret Societies, and World Control

Casebook on the Men in Black

The Gemstone File

Mind Control, World Control

Okbomb! : Conspiracy and Cover-Up

Saucers of the Illuminati

(originally written under the name Jay Katz)

Secret and Suppressed : Banned Ideas and Hidden History


Books by Commander X:

The Controllers : The Hidden Rulers of Earth Identified

Nikola Tesla : Free Energy and the White Dove

Philadelphia Experiment Chronicles

Time Travel: A How-To Insiders Guide

Underground Alien Bases




Kenn Thomas

Thank you to all who have sent kind words about Jim Keith. He was a dear friend of mine and an important person to the world. The loss is immeasurable. He was not just the co-author of The Octopus, but a dharma combatant who demonstrated time and again that the world is far more multi-dimensional, far more interesting, than the pablum that usually passes for news, information and normal discourse. Unfortunately, it is also far more dangerous.

Rumor has it that Jim may have been killed because he mentioned the name of the physician who declared Diana was pregnant at the time of her death. I have long noted the connections between Diana's death and the Octopus. Diana was the subject of Jim's last column for Nitro News, which has been linked via Jim's photograph above for the past couple of weeks. Nitro News has not been accessible since Jim's death, although I reached it just before receiving word of his passing.

This rumor may be nonsense. Casolaro may have committed suicide. It is the way of the Octopus. It exists but it doesn't exist. These are blood clots or suicides or non-suspicious homicides or real accidents. They just happen to cluster coincidentally around a certain set of facts or a certain perception of an organized conspiracy.

And if Jim Keith did not die as a result of a conspiracy, then I'm sure he would want us to make it look that way!

I hope all will remember Jim Keith for his good humor and for his fearlessness. He wrote what he knew and he let the chips fall where they might. He lived on the edge, where I usually tried to catch up with him. I hope he taught me enough about the place to keep up the work to which we were both committed.

If word comes of public services for Jim, I will pass it on. I have tentative plans to go to Reno and investigate what happened while the trails are still fresh. This will take money, though, and as with Jim and Danny Casolaro both, that's always in short supply, despite the romanticized view many people have of well-paid, world traveling writers and researchers. I urge anyone with information to contact me directly at We'll do whatever research work we can from our desks and get as much field work done as possible. I have sent inquiries to Burning Man, where Jim broke his knee leading to the surgery and the blood clot that ended his life, and know one source who took a great deal of video there.

Also, several of Jim's friends have expressed an interest in putting together a memorial volume of essays. Check back with Steamshovel for news of this project as it develops.

Thank you again. Remember Jim!

Kenn Thomas



Jim Keith's Last Fall

If you're an investigative journalist who's lately publicly addressed some fairly "warm" recent conspiracies, we would STRONGLY advise that you be EXTREMELY careful NOT to have a relatively minor fall which might result in a bruise serious enough for you to desire medical advice/attention.

If you DO incur such a bruise (or any other condition needing medical attention), we would STRONGLY advise seeking care from a KNOWN and TRUSTED practitioner ONLY.

You wouldn't want a "blood clot" from the impacted area to go to your lungs and kill you instantly, a one-in-a-trillion possibility (if that), which mysteriously and MOST UNFORTUNATELY purportedly occurred in the case of the late Jim Keith.

Within the past few weeks the well-known and well-respected Keith, via the Internet's "Nitro News" organization, had published articles which showed how the airplane "crash" which took the lives of JFK Jr., wife and sister-in-law last July was in fact caused by sabotage by means of an explosive device; and also that the similarly "engineered", scripted "accident" which took the life of Princess Diana 2 years ago was implemented at that time because Diana was pregnant.

Not long after these articles were published, Jim Keith incurred a minor leg injury for which he sought medical attention at a nearby hospital.

This medical attention resulted in Jim Keith's death.

During this same period of time the Nitro News website inexplicably went down for several days. To our knowledge no credible explanation has yet been put forth for this.

This all seems, to say the least, suspicious.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

I never met Jim Keith. I never even talked to him.

Now that I begin to read Saucers of the Illuminati, I realize what a huge mistake that was. All the gut feelings that have run through my mind and conversations over the past few years are brilliantly set down in black and white. Things barely grasped and a little frightening (or maybe a lot frightening) to my feeble mind were old hat to Jim.

We had an e-mail correspondence of sorts for about 6 months. It started when I rather forcefully rebutted his musings on remote viewing. He read it on the "Latest Word" section at Steamshovel and we began a friendly electronic back-and forth on the state of mind-over-time-and-matter. I sort of teased him about his Scientology background, but he didn't seem to care. What could be better than someone who disagrees with you, but would happily buy you a beer anyway, as I knew he would have? This is one of the great things about life in the USA, particularly in the west, and outside of big cities, where ego preservation seems to be life or death.

Jim was like some sort of conspiracy-theory Zen master. His koans were embedded in his writings, even in the titles of his books. Maybe they were Zen humor too--serious and joking at the same time. You need a sense of humor as a life/mind-preserver in the rough and murky waters of parapolitical research, even if it might be a little morbid at times.

The last time we communicated was on Friday, September 3rd. We were discussing the weird "coincidence" of deleted files on our computers over the last few days. Jim said that "three or four" other researcher/ writers he knew of had experienced anomalous hard-drive erasures in the past week. He asked for my account, which I sent along before he went to Burning Man. By the next Tuesday, he was dead.

Words like "shock" and "waste" do not begin to cover the range of emotion. They are like banging rocks together when what you need to express your feelings are finely-tuned instruments. They do not exist, and neither more does Jim Keith's uniqueness.

Namu Amida Butsu

Greg Bishop


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