Eco-Art Magazine is an idea exchange that recycles ideas to encourage innovative practice. Our primary focus will be on art and ecology. As a cross-over magazine we will bring together a diverse range of practising artists, sculptors, architects, landscape architects, eco-engineers, gardeners, educators, designers, farmers and the public at large. To do what? To provide examples of individual responses to the great social challenges that face us all.

Society does not exist in a vacuum. We effect change on nature. Nature is resilient and adapts to the circumstances imposed on it by a changing ecosystem and a burgeoning pressure on its resources. So will Eco-art Magazine. Interdisciplinary collaborations will deal with the field, the city block, the public park or the office tower. The pages of Eco-art Magazine will be open and encourage progressive change.

Like nature, Eco-art Magazine is mercurial and endlessly mutating but above all, connected. Plants from the northern hemisphere are related to those in the southern hemisphere. Geology, biology, the ecology of life finds its parallels in the arena of human culture. As nature adapts and evolves, so can we. We are the sum of our parts. Each action we take affects all other subsequent actions. Eco-art Magazine recognizes the place of nature in our daily lives and the mutualist relationship that exists between humanity and nature. Nature is the art of which we are a part. Innovative approaches to house building, the reclaiming of wasteland in our cities, modification of our existing habitats and structures, of our parks and wilderness areas, each of these demands careful consideration and planning. But action is the key.

Artists are like a beacon to professionals working in other fields and public at large. As inclusive as nature, art is present in a broad range of disciplines. The creative impulse takes many forms. Not only is art the product of a marriage of material and identity, but over the ages art has proven itself to be resilient, endlessly reinventing its own meaning. To see a work of art on site in an abandoned wasteland, in a public park or in a wilderness area is to recognize the spirit and value of a place.

Eco-art Magazine envisions the aesthetic impulse as an inclusive gesture, a fusion of architecture, landscape, painting and sculpture. It is nature's presence that allows it all to happen. Experiment, experience, fuse, transform, bring it all together to realize projects in a surprising variety of ways. As the next millennium approaches innovation will be the name of the game. This involves new directions.

Technology and permaculture are part of the same history we are all now living. An astonishing range of problems present themselves to each of us daily. The solutions involve resourcefulness, adaptability, a reconnecting of the individual to community, and participation in our local and regional cultures. All of this to encourage global awareness of humanity's place in nature are essential to the survival of the planet.

We have a world to reconnect to wherever we may be! Lets remove the categories and seek an overall integration of human culture with the environment. To generate new values, we need practical examples that respect nature's presence in our everyday lives. Eco-art magazine builds bridges and bridges the gap. We look forward to your readership and participation.