This is the home page for The USGenWeb Project. We are a group of volunteers working together to provide Internet websites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States. This Project is non-commercial and fully committed to free access for everyone. To learn more at The USGenWeb Project, visit our About the Project page.
State Pages for the Project USGW Archives
The Project's State Pages
Here you will find links to the Project's individual State pages. The State sites are the jumping off points to get started on your research. At the State Site, you will find links to each County within that state, where you will find a wealth of county related information. On the County Sites, you can post queries to help you over that "brick wall".
USGW Archives
The USGenWeb Digital Library (Archives) offers actual transcriptions of public domain records. You will find copies of census records, marriage bonds, wills, and other public documents. Go directly to the National Archives Search Engine or to the State Archives Search Engine.
USGW Census Project USGW Tombstone Project
The USGW Census Project
If you are here searching for already transcribed census information, we have links to the Census Project's completed transcriptions and other transcriptions that we have found on the Internet on our State Census Index pages.
The USGW Tombstone Project
The USGenWeb Tombstone Project was started to encourage people to walk cemeteries and donate copies of the surveys to The USGW Archives. Many transcriptions are already available online and more are added daily.
Other USGW Special Projects About The USGenWeb Project
Other USGW Special Projects
Here you will find info about and links to additional specialized genealogical and historical project sponsored by USGW.
About The USGenWeb Project
Here you can learn all about The USGenWeb Project - what it is, why it was started, the history of the Project and our Project goals.
Help for Researchers Information for Volunteers
Help for Researchers
If you have never done any genealogical research, this is the place for you. Here are some tips on how to get started with your genealogical research. You will also find links to some great sites to further aid your search.
Information for Volunteers
This area is for current and prospective Project volunteers. State and County Coordinators can stay on top of web site standards and guidelines. There is other useful web site building info to be found here as well.
USGW Who's Who The Project Bylaws
Who's Who
The names and email addresses for all of the State Coordinators and Special Project Coordinators. These are the people who can help you with any problems on the State and Project pages.
The USGenWeb Project By Laws
This page contains the full text of The Project's Bylaws. Here you can learn about the Project's rules and regulations. The By Laws explain how Project business is conducted.
Official Project Business The Advisory Board
Official USGW Project Business
Here is where you will find records of all official Project business. Board actions, current motions and votes are here. You will also find old motions and voting history. Official Project committee information will also be found here.
The USGW Advisory Board
The names, email addresses and areas of responsibility for all of the Advisory Board members. You can find out who your area representative is and who represents the Special Projects.
Election Central Friends of USGW
Election Central
It's Election time at USGW for some of the Advisory Board representatives. Here you can stay informed about the elections news.
Friends of USGW
An area devoted to those who wish to show their appreciation of The USGenWeb Project. Here you can also read comments from happy USGenWeb Project users.
Acknowledgements In Memory
Our thank yous to the people who have helped us maintain The USGenWeb Project
In Memory
An area for Memorials to Project Volunteers who have passed away.

Special thanks to all of the hosts/sponsors who provide free server space for the many websites that make up The USGenWeb Project. The USGenWeb National website is hosted by RootsWeb. Please consider visiting them to find out how you can help keep genealogy on the Internet free and available to everyone.

Another important genealogical undertaking: The WorldGenWeb Project has the objective of placing genealogical information for every country in the world, and every region within each country, online. If you are researching your emigrant ancestors, then this is a must-see website.

PLEASE NOTE: Questions regarding your personal genealogy/research cannot and will not (due to limited volunteer time) be answered. Please visit our Information for Researchers pages where you can find suggestions for how to start your research or answers to questions about researching on the internet, as well as many helpful hints and valuable information.

Questions or comments concerning a specific county or state web site should be directed to that specific county or state.

To find out how to volunteer for the project, share personal research, what county a town or city is in, etc.; as well as what to do about problems linking to web sites, error messages, etc., please visit our Answers to Common Problems/Questions page.

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If you have comments about The USGenWeb Project or would like to report administrative-type problems, please email the National Coordinator. If you have a complaint regarding a specific web site which cannot be addressed by contacting the coordinator in charge, please include the URL address when emailing the National Coordinator.

If you have comments and/or suggestions about this particular web site, please contact the Webmaster.

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