We've created this web page to post and trade information about beach volleyball tournaments in Europe. All of our fellow players are invited to look around and help us with any links or tournament schedules they may want to share.
   We're  part of a group of volleyball players in Miami Beach, Florida, and every summer some of us travel around Europe to participate in any beach volleyball tournaments that we qualify for.

  Please e-mail us at with any information that you may have for the 1999 season. We will post all confirmed tournament schedules on this web page.

1999 Season
Lets go guys....I need those new schedules!!

Date Country
City Contact
Apr. 30 Holland Grootebroek
May. 22 Sweden Göteborg, Skatås
May. 22-23 Sweden Uppsala, Fyrishov
May. 23-24 Sweden Göteborg, Skatås
May. 24 Sweden Uppsala, Fyrishov
May. 28-29 Sweden Jönköping, centrum
May. 29 Sweden Uddevalla, Gustafsberg
May. 29-30 Sweden Helsingborg, Friabad
May. 29-30 Sweden Södertälje, Mälarbadet
Jun. 5-6 Sweden Ljungby, Kronoskogen
Jun. 5-6 Sweden Umeå, Bettnässand
Jun. 5-6 Sweden Tranviken, Alnön
Jun. 5-6 Sweden Tierp, Aspenskolan
Jun. 5-6 Sweden Karlskoga, Sandviksbadet
Jun. 5-6 Holland Kijkduin
Jun. 8-10 Sweden Stockholm, Gärdet
Jun. 12 Sweden Växjö, Trummenängarna
Jun. 12-13 Sweden Fyrishov, Uppsala
Jun. 12-13 Sweden Göteborg, Heden & Skatås
Jun. 12-13 Sweden Norrköping, Folkparken
Jun. 12-13 Holland Zandvoort
Jun. 12-13 Finland Helsinki
Jun. 13 Sweden Växjö, Trummenängarna
Jun. 19-20 Sweden Fyrishov, Uppsala
Jun. 19-20 Sweden Kämpinge
Jun. 19-20 Sweden Säters Camping
Jun. 19-20 Sweden Södertälje, Mälarbadet
Jun. 19-20 Finland Lappeenranta
Jun. 19-20 Denmark Amager Strand jba@astro.ku.dx
Jun. 19-20 Finland Hanko
Jun. 19-20 Holland Jun Callantsoog
Jun. 25-27 Russia Moscow
Jun. 26-27 Denmark Vejers Strand jba@astro.ku.dx
Jun. 26-27 Holland Jun Renesse
Jun. 26-27 Holland Hoek van Holland
Jun. 30-Jul. 4 Italy Portici-Naples
Jul. 2-3 Sweden Tyska Torget, Norrköping
Jul. 2-4 Germany Berlin
Jul. 3 Sweden Stockholm, Gärdet
Jul. 3-4 Finland Pieksämäki
Jul. 3-4 Finland Vaasa
Jul. 3-4 Sweden Ludvika, Räfsnäs
Jul. 3-4 Sweden Uddevalla, Gustafsberg
Jul. 3-4 Sweden Öland, Böda
Jul. 3-4 Sweden Göteborg, Skatås
Jul. 3-4 Sweden Piteå, Piteåhavsbad
Jul. 3-4 Sweden Skåne, spelplats ej klar
Jul. 3-4 Denmark Romo Strand jba@astro.ku.dx
Jul 3-4 Holland Scheveningen info@freetime.nll
Jul. 3-4 Holland Noordwijk
Jul. 4-7 Sweden Beachstadion, Gärdet, Sthlm
Jul. 5 Sweden Härnösand, centrum
Jul. 8-10 Sweden Sundsvall, centrum
Jul. 9-11 Norway Stavanger
Jul. 10-11 Finland Hämeenlinna
Jul. 10-11 Finland Pieksämäki
Jul. 10-11 Denmark Marielyst Strand jba@astro.ku.dx
Jul. 10-11 Holland IJmuinden
Jul. 10-11 Holland Scheveningen
Jul. 10-11 Sweden Halmstad, Tylösand
Jul.10-11 Sweden Halmstad, Tylösand
Jul. 10-11 Sweden Göteborg, Skatås
Jul. 10-11 Sweden Årsunda, Strandbaden
Jul. 16-18 Italy Lignano
Jul. 17 Sweden Piteå, Pite Havsbad
Jul. 17-18 Sweden Halmstad, Tylösand
Jul. 17-18 Sweden Falkenberg, Skrea
Jul. 17-18 Sweden Habo, Slättens IP
Jul. 17-18 Sweden Nynäshamn, Nickstabadet
Jul. 17-18 Sweden Säters Bad & Camping
Jul. 17-18 Holland Hoek van Holland
Jul.17-18 Holland Den Helder
Jul. 17-18 Holland Panningen
Jul. 17-18 Finland Helsinki
Jul. 17-18 Denmark Lokken Strand jba@astro.ku.dx
Jul. 18 Sweden Falkenberg, Skrea
Jul. 23-25 Sweden Laholm, Mellbystrand
Jul. 24-25 Sweden Södertälje, Mälarbadet
Jul. 24-25 Sweden Ö-vik, Gullviks havsbad
Jul. 24-25 Denmark Koterminde Nordstrand jba@astro.ku.dx
Jul. 24-25 Holland Scheveningen
Jul. 24-25 Holland Wijk aan Zee
Jul. 30-Aug. 1 Austria Klagenfurt
Jul. 31-Aug. 1 Denmark Hornbaek Strand jba@astro.ku.dx
Jul. 31-Aug. 1 Holland Scheveningen
Jul. 31-Aug. 1 Sweden Växjö, Trummenängarna
Jul. 31-Aug. 1 Sweden Uppsala, Fyrishov
Jul. 31-Aug. 1 Sweden Göteborg, Skatås
Jul. 31-Aug. 1 Sweden Umeå, Bettnässand
Jul. 31-Aug. 1 Sweden Karlskoga, Sandviksbadet
Jul. 31-Aug. 1 Sweden Åhus, Kantarellen
Aug. 4-7 Sweden håller på att förhandla med arrangör
Aug. 6-8 Portugal Esphino
Aug. 7-8 Holland Scheveningen
Aug. 7-8 Denmark Bellevue Strandpark jba@astro.ku.dx
Aug. 9 Sweden Linköping, centrum, Trädgårdstorget
Aug. 13-15 Belgium Ostende
Aug. 13-15 Sweden Stockholm, Medborgarplatsen
Aug. 14-15 Holland Hoek van Holland
Aug. 20-22 Spain Canary Island
Aug. 21-22 Holland Vrowenpolder
Aug. 28-29 Holland Scheveningen
Sep. 2-5 Spain Tenefiere

For those of you coming to the Miami area, don't forget to stop by the courts in South Beach, right in the heart of the Art Deco District, on Ocean drive and 9th Street.

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Updated Jul. 16  1999