Radio B92 Open Serbia, Belgrade - Daily News Service
Top independent radio from Belgrade, good short daily news reports on-line.
  • As part of the action "Help B92" The Digital City DDS is now broadcasting ANEM radio (with B92's programs) live in RealAudio on the internet: via 'DDS 2' (clicking this link automatically starts RealAudio player)
  • RBN is now serving streams for B92. The URL is: This means that virtually any RealPlayer user can access B92's news and music, without concern about bandwidth or stream capacity at the server site.
A Beginner's Guide to the Balkans - primer on the political and historical complexities of the region. From ABC News.
Institute for War & Peace Reporting
The Balkan Human Rights Web Pages
Extensive collection of documents (press releases, articles, reports, etc.) issued by reliable human rights NGOs and some IGOs and governments concerning human rights issues in the Balkans. Searchable by country and by organization. Sponsored by the Greek Helsinki Monitor & Minority Rights Group - Greece.
International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights
Balkan Media and Policy Monitor
Monthly News and Analysis Digest drawing on local sources.
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Southeastern Europe Newsline - Daily Reports
Washington Post - Balkans Coverage
RFE/RL Newsline - Southeastern Europe
Daily reports from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.
Article 19 - The International Centre Against Censorship
ARTICLE 19 is an international human rights organization which promotes freedom of expression and fights censorship all over the world.
International Freedom of Expression Clearinghouse
Serbia Information Initiative
Official Government Site for the Federal Rep. of Yugoslavia News
Latest news from government agencies and other sources.
Serbia online
Serbian Ministry of Information
Yugoslav Federal Secretariat of Information
Serbia Media Center
U.S State Department's Human Rights Report on Serbia for 1997

FACSNET: "Understanding Kosovo"
The content in FACSNET's Understanding Kosovo section provides essential background information on the conflict in Kosovo to help reporters, editors and producers contribute appropriate context to news coverage. Posted May 19, 1999
The BBC's Kosovo: the Conflict on the Web
An excellent resource.
Target Kosovo: Federation of American Scientists Military Analysis Network
A massive archive with all types of up-to-date information.
STRATFOR's Kosovo Crisis Center
From the people who produce the Global Intelligence Update, this is a very informative website, including news and analysis.
Center for Defense Information's Kosovo Web Site
Kosova Liberation Peace Movement
Kosova Crisis Center
US State Department - The Situation in Kosovo
Government testimony, briefings, press statements and fact sheets.
Conflict in Kosovo: Failure of Prevention? An Analytical Documentation 1992-1998
Stefan Troebst, European Centre for Minority Issues, July 1998.

Latest News from Reuters: Kosovo

Yahoo Full Coverage of Kosovo crisis: Latest news reports and links

New York Times Special Report: Kosovo

Radio Free Europe
Kosova Information Center: Daily reports in English and Albanian
Press Now (Amsterdam): News and Links on Kosovo Crisis
Republic of Kosova Home Page
Kosovo and Metohija Web Site: Serbian Democratic and Orthodox Resistance Movement
International Crisis Group: South Balkan Project
CommonDreams' News Center Kosovo Page
Breaking news & views for progressive-thinking Americans
Kosovo Reports eGroup - This is a site that posts informational e-mail updates from the Kosovo/ Serbia/ Yugoslavia region to the web.
Open Channels for Kosova
Daily Audio Reports from the Region
Legal Guide to the Kosovo Conflict
For the information and convenience of the international legal community, JURIST: The Law Professors' Network recommends resources regarding legal issues in Kosovo.
Doctors Without Borders - Kosovo Mission

International Forum Bosnia
Designed to enable efficient communication between International Forum Bosnia members and all other individual, institutions and organisations all over the world which in different way participate or could participate in the project Bosnia: research and development. The Project has been initiated in order to promote dialogue and trust as precondition for building civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
OSCE Mission Bosnia and Herzegovina
US Defense Department information system about US military activities in Operation JOINT GUARD, the NATO peacekeeping mission in Bosnia.
NATO/SFOR Homepage
Official NATO news, documents, background on the NATO Stabilization Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
US Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina
International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
US State Department: Establishing a Durable Peace in the Balkans: Bosnia
Government testimony, briefings, press statements and fact sheets.
Alternativna Informativna Mreza
Independent news agency of journalists from Yugoslavia. Daily reports in local languages with selected articles and monthly summaries in English.

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