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check the "internet weather," maps of current nationwide network activity

fcc accidentally sends dirty joke to 6000 people. the joke. [via obscure store]


ebayification of the economy. this + eink is powerful stuff.

peter, peter, peter. 1.) influence *is* power, 2.) all health advice and financial advice on the internet is not "appalling". on the internet, as in real life, you have to make choices about what you believe and what you don't.

my isp is down again. this happens a lot.

audio chat

e ink makes its commercial debut. electronic books might have a chance after all. not those clunky palmpilot like things, but actual paper books where the ink rearranges itself. see arthur c. clarke's profiles of the future similar ideas without the usual negropontian ego.

ebay update : buy a tech team. buy a domain name.


x-ray body scanning, a la total recall, for only $356,000. [via /.]

here's something you don't see everyday--a MP3 download on the RIAA's site

winamp keeps getting wackier and wackier. the new "winamp minibrowser" is a little window that fetches some bookmarks from a nullsoft server. from here you can go to the shoutcast top fifty, and they each channel brings up it's own web page. some people are already streaming an album and linking to corresponding page on cdnow. all using open standards, all without touching your standard browser. imagine that, mp3s making money for labels.

commentary on littleton that goes beyond the standard "what a tragedy, who do we blame" drivel:
katz - hope in the hellmouth
(when katz get positive feedback, he goes with it)
katz - voices from the hellmouth
katz - more voices from the hellmouth
katz - the price of being different
feed - loop on video game violence

as has already been pointed out by other webloggers, katz really nails it home in the articles below. let's face it, the road these kids went down isn't a very long one in today's high schools. being a freak in high school sucks, but it's been a regular freak genocide out there this week.

some examples of that "what a tragedy, who do we blame" drivel:
boston herald
sf examiner
al gore

deformed frogs aren't foretelling the end of the world after all [via drudge]

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