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Apple's iMovie Software Brings Digital Video Editing to Consumers and Classrooms

Desktop Video is "Next Big Thing"

CUPERTINO, California—Oct. 5, 1999—Just as Apple® ushered in the era of desktop publishing a decade ago, today Apple announced products that will create the new era of desktop video. Topping the list is Apple’s groundbreaking new iMovie software, which makes it incredibly easy to create pro-quality home and classroom movies. iMovie comes pre-installed on all iMac DV and iMac DV Special Edition models.

iMovie uses iMac’s built-in FireWire® port to digitally transfer video from a digital camcorder into iMac. Then iMovie lets users easily re-arrange clips, add special effects like cross-dissolves and scrolling titles, as well as music soundtracks and even sound effects. Users can save the movie on iMac’s hard drive, send it back to the camcorder and make copies on digital or VHS videotape, or even email it to friends and family over the Internet.

“The new iMacs with our iMovie software usher in the era of desktop video, allowing mere mortals to easily create professional-quality movies right in their homes or classrooms,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s interim CEO. “This is going to be very, very big.”

iMovie makes it easy for users to direct and produce their own movies. Uses include making family video albums, creating video school reports, touching loved ones afar with family video greetings, making club or organization videos and creating video clips for web pages, etc.

iMac DV and iMac DV Special Edition feature FireWire ports for a one-cable connection to digital camcorders. With iMovie, first-time filmmakers can:

  • Transfer video in DV format from any digital camcorder to iMac (and back), maintaining perfect digital quality;
  • Perform easy “drag and drop” editing to rearrange video clips;
  • Add special effects like cross-dissolves between scenes;
  • Add movie titles and rolling movie credits; and
  • Record voice-overs, and create a soundtrack using music from CDs, AIFF and MP3 files.

Finished movies or clips can be digitally transferred back to the camcorder for storing on digital videotape, transferred through the camcorder into a VCR for making VHS videotapes, or saved as a QuickTime® file that can be easily shared through email or posted to a website.

Pricing and Availability
iMovie is pre-installed on the new iMac DV (for “Digital Video”) models: iMac DV, with a suggested retail price of U.S. $1,299, and iMac DV Special Edition, with a suggested retail price of U.S. $1,499. The new iMacs, including the iMac model with a suggested retail price of U.S. $999 are available immediately via The Apple Store™ (www.apple.com) and Apple Authorized Resellers.

Apple Computer, Inc. ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II, and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Apple is now recommitted to its original mission—to bring the best personal computing products and support to students, educators, designers, scientists, engineers, businesspersons and consumers in over 140 countries around the world.

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