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Cate says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:25:11 1999
-mere- Good morning. So far, I'm doing surprisingly well. That is as long as Peanut and Cobby quit posting Spike pictures for me to drool over look at like they did yesterday! That was rough. Be sure to check up on me later… things will probably change... :)



elusio says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:24:13 1999
Kristen liked the article Kristen, very nicely written - and I agree with you...


Jennie says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:23:50 1999
Elusio I'm fine thankyou, Was at work today and they said I could go home, coz I was the only person in that works in our phone department, so where did I go? To the pub and the bronze! Makes today a good day!
And that's quite alright my dear, I got it printed out with all my other piccies!

Busboy hey, how are you? Not offended I hope, I know you don't like that nickname but you make fun of it as well, and I didn't think it up!

TMorel ticklebunny! As if I would. I only said baa and that was a hello to poor old flossy who often gets forgotten. What type of bob do you have, I'll have to say hello to him as well! *g*

Rachie thanx! So what did you think of them? too scared to meet the reat of us now or what?? please say you want to meet us, we want to meet you!.


Kristen says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:18:18 1999
Morning All!

YAY Narrator DEAD

Shameless Self Promotion

OK everyone, due to the hullaballoo surrounding Giles' behavior in The Freshman I decided to sit down, put pen to paper and give my take on the situation. so it wasn't actual paper or an acutal pen but you get the idea And now, without further ado, I direct you to:

Rupert Giles! You've Come a Long Way Baby

And for the gentlemen of the Bronze gentlemen? Who am I kidding, I believe in the equal opportunity objectification of our beloved Buffy/Angel stars, so I pass on to those who missed it yesterday:

Ode to Buffy's Breasts


-mere- says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:16:50 1999
Carita: i didn't see it--was he yummy?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPPITY EUHLER! you know, just for your birthday, i'll tell you what happens in episode 7: Cordy and Angel get jiggy wit it. oh, yeah, baby. on the kitchen floor, on the office couch, in various sewer tunnels and slaughterhouses, our two heroes go at it like there's no tomorrow. unfortunately, though, Cordy calls it off after Angel's "love bites" start to tire her out... to the point of anemia. so the lovers part ways. ...but still meet twice a week just to do the nasty. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! or should i say, "HAPPY YAKKING!"?

Cate: seven more days, my sweet. how are you holding up?

seriously have to do work now,
no, seriously.


elusio says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:16:19 1999
Rachie lol... no, I'm ok thanx. and it's not as if you could do anything if I had said: "yes, please - before I suffocate";-)

thy Slayer hiya... and {{{hugs}}} to you and your family.

er, weirdness... I just pressed something on my keyboard, and the font in the Bronze has changed... hmm.


Carita says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:15:54 1999
Kendra: Ping!


Clattering says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:15:26 1999
Cosmic Bob - glad to see you added that "just a bit more than bad luck" qualifier to my Red Sox'ers wins (count 'um...three) over the Indians. It takes more than good luck to come back from a two game deficit, with Thome hitting homers every time and then to win it all in front of a home team crowd...that was eerie, the way the whole stadium was silent when O'Leary hit his second homer....eerie in a fabulous Buffy way for me of course I do agree that baseball has changed, like the other sports you mentioned, but I think it still probably has changed the least.....and wasn't Pedro Martinez (for those who watched this game) a thing of beauty....kinda like watching Angel trounce a bad guy...poetry in motion....aww, I'm getting weepy.



SO's to Sister Fabulous Fly-by-Nite, Brother Brawny Blackheart, Xcellent XG, Sensitive Strawberries, Virile Vaedus, Bodacious Brat!, Great GrimReaper, Wily Wild Weasel, Miraculous Mircalla, Marvelous Margot, Happy Horizon, frugal fenric, Enigmatic Eiddileg, Joyous Jaan Quidam, Valuable VaBuffyFan, Holy Hollyn, Jacasser (to chatter) Julea, Cheerful Cherie, Beauteous bec, Masterful Macho macho man, kind keylime and keywe, bold BrucesMom, loquacious Leather Jacket, cordial CharlieX, Magnificent Masquerade, Omniscient OzLady and Ozman, Munificent Megadalen, Blithe Blueronin, Serendipitous Sara the Brown (Rolling Bacchus Goddess),
Free-falling FSM CDMan, Neat Narrator, Near-by Nosey, Cross-country Cate, grand gypsyrat, Mighty Mellers, Gallant Gazoo, Delicious Deadboy, Valiant Violetta, gregarious gypsyrat, All-knowing Arctic Lurker, Wonderful 1Vamp, Classy Claddagh, Brilliant Basia, Articulate AngelLover24-7, Awesome AjO, Thoughtful thySlayer, Stupendous Stormtrooper, Talented THX, Saucy Stakegrrrl, Crunchy CandyKane, Mobile Mabb, Lovely Lil'Tree, Sweet SarahW., Savory Strawberries, Bright Bri, and rowdy Rogue, Cheeky Chica66, Bawdy Buffy@10, Powerful poohbee, Wise Wolfguard/god, Jaunty JSK, Clever Cleio, Devious Devil, bountiful brittany, Lively LouWho, Sneaky SpookyMagoo, I am still putting the full list back together, so if I lost you sorry, you will be here soon! Or tell me so! And no Shout Out to Sweick...he doesn't "do" them, but it is fun to see if he will reply with "I don't do SO's...[emoticon here]


thy Slayer says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:14:08 1999
hope you slept well! {{{hugs!}}}

You have E :)

*huggles* to La Timide, TMorel, Vaedus, et al :) :)

British Angel
Ugh.. I swear i will try to type it up tonight!!

Anyway... My brother-in-law is in the hospital, with cancer.. Again he had cancer from 4 years ago, i think, and it came back a while ago. :( He's just finished radiation i really don't care if i spelled that wrong which is good, but now he's recovering from a transplant of sorts.. so if you don't see me for a few days, i'm prolly visiting with him and my sister.. Or just my sister.. That's all i wanted to say..


thy Slayer
Missing Avarice and Nad
off to school now..


Jennie says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:13:39 1999
Busboy when you read back and scroll don't get offended by anything I said, I know you're not my stalker, it's just a nickname!


Narrator says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:13:33 1999
Forgot to post this:

Thanks to all who shouted out to me as Shoutee of the Day (beaming with pride): Rachie, elusio, Suzanne, Jaan Quidam, angelgazer, Tana, belmont, President Blade, surleigh, SarahNicole, KAM, theyoung1, Den Mother of the Lurkers, chi, valMichael, Mrs. Beasley, NyPhalanx, and fenric.


Cate says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:13:31 1999
Suzanne - Agreed. That's where the "it's a whole new ballgame" phrase comes from. A team can squeak it's way into the playoffs and kick some major @ss… and another dominant team can blow everyone else away and choke at the end. The playoffs are always a whole different ballgame.

Peanut - No spring training countdown… right now anyway. I'm done with that after Spike comes back… *squeak!*

Darklady - Just a word of warning… Bob Costas is the anti-Christ. Be careful who you quote. :)

CHRIS - Hiya deary! Thanks for your words… my boys will be ok… You enjoy tonight as well! :)

Cosmic Bob - Good point… plus, the wild card actually helps because there are so many more teams now. Sorry to hear you don't follow the game anymore… I can't help myself… you know my last name… I guess you could say it's in my blood! ;) Shhh….

ben - Very good point… that ball through the legs Buckner error will never, EVER be forgotten… this mess will.

Narrator - Agreed.



DarkLady says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:13:09 1999
Okay, I will drop this from teh board after this post, so Ben, my email is above:

Ben #1, Ray Knight scored on the ground ball to Buckner, not Gary Carter. Also the key play of that game actually wasn't the error, it was the wild pitch by Schiraldi before the error. Wilson got out of the way of the ball, allowing Kevin Mitchell to score and tie the game and move Ray Knight to third so he could score on the grounder. But yes, you're right the Buckner error was an instant legend. However,
#2 Record books don't list stats on errors. They do list "most runs ever scored in postseason play." Everyone wrote the Sox off and they scored like a wildfire for the last three games. I know I'm gonna remember that.
#3 Burba got hurt, Burba got hurt. For the past two months you'd think the entire Red Sox lineup was made of Nomar Garciaparra and Pedro Martinez. And when they both got hurt everyone said it was over. And yet the team carried on and won two games without them. Two win or die games. Don't give me that "if so-and-so hadn't been hurt, it would've been different". The Indians were a good team that should've been able to cope without one player. I don't know enough about the team to explain why they lost, but give credit where it's due. The Sox didn't win by a fluke, and the Indians didn't lose because of one injury.
#4 I never count anyone out of a series. I've seen a lot of strange endings to ballgames. Yogi was right that it ain't over till it's over...and the fat lady sings...and the bells ring out across New England...

again my email is above if anyone wants to talk baseball further

we're talking baseball
from Maine to San Diego
talking baseball
Mattingly and Canseco...


StGermain says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:12:36 1999
Tony - Toblerone is my favourite! Thank you. You want to be my son? :-) Do you have any chocolate cheesecake around? That's also of the good.

Quidam - I could call you Promethean, but then I'm afraid you'd have large birds pecking at your liver.

DarkLady - I'm glad the job is of the good. Does it look like it'll be permanant? And yes, I'm looking for a change of venue. New job, maybe a new city. Not that I suppose that'll really change anything, but perhaps a new perspective would be helpful.

elusio - Thanks for understanding! :-)



Rachie says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:11:46 1999
Quidam LOL - goodness knows what you must be thinking about the place I live! I don’t know how to tell you this, but it’s actually a fairly quiet place with golf courses and a country club and a forest and tennis clubs and a lot of middle-aged people live there and there aren’t any pubs or cinemas or anything and have I mentioned how boring it is and how much I hate it?! *g*
‘P’ words, huh? I’ll have to put my thinking cap on…!

elusio Sislet! My goodness – do you require the Heimlich manoeuvre?!

Jennie You said that you had heard that I met a couple of people in London and I said “yes.” :)
Anything else you wanna know? *g*


siobhan torrens says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:11:31 1999
I really like buffy and I want to
hear from other buffy fans. so
please email me.......


-mere- says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:10:55 1999

guess you're right!

Cosmic Bob: schemin' and Machiavellian' it pre-8 a.m. now you know i'm up to no good.



elusio says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:09:30 1999
still choking on an M&M;

Jennie thanx... and how are you?


Narrator says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:09:08 1999
ben, cate, ~mere~, etc. – Bill Buckner's error. People will remember that error for the same reason that they remember the missed field goal in the closing seconds of a football game. It was a mistake made by one individual at the end of the game. That mistake is freshest in everyone's mind. That will always get greater attention than the various other mistakes that were made earlier in the event.

As an aside, what was Buckner doing in the game at that point? He should have been replaced with a better defensive first baseman.

~mere~ -- Morning. Up kinda early, aren't you?

Cub Fan (Buckner was a Cubbie) who still mourns Leon Durham letting a Padre's ball through his legs in the playoffs.


devil says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:08:38 1999
Good morning!

Happy Birthday ~sara~!!!

Happy Birthday Hoppity!!!

XG: {{{hugs}}} there, ya happy? :)

Menkhare, Jasmen, Malista: When I was in high school, I was the dorky person who never went out... and even though I got sick of it about halfway through, I was stuck because everyone saw me that way. So when I got to college, I saw it as not only a place where it would be cool to be intellectual, but also as a place where I could socially break out of the box I'd been drawn into back home--and loved every minute of it except those chem classes

orbital and/or fax1: Mornin! {{{hugs}}}


gettin ready to work out for JUSTICE!!!


Kendra says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:08:29 1999
Carita PING!!! You got E


Carita says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:08:24 1999
~mere~: Good Morning to you! We are all still drooling over the David Interview on Regis Pat and Kathy Lee! At least those of us who caught it!


marie says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:07:40 1999
information absoly for continue


Jennie says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:07:16 1999
I'm back for 45 minutes so hi again!!!! just been to the pub, feeling a bit woozy!!!!

Rachie I'm back now, save me the effort??! *g*

Tmorel {{hugs}} from the now returned Jennie, and would that bloodsucking chick be me by any chance???
Oh yeah, and you sent e to my stalker? Why? springs to mind!

Shaun you're proud of those bitemarks aren't you? Have you still got them???

Kenickie too much alcohol does wonders for the brain, or is that the wrong way round! *G*

Meteor sorry, I have limited access at home and my dad doesn't always let me check my e-mails when he should! I'll reply tonight though I promise. Just beware of the stalker guy!

Elusio hey there. I have a piccie of you from Cobby!. You look very nice!
Heya's to all again!


Sexy Kevin Ward says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:07:02 1999
ho yes
ho yes
email me please!!!!


Marie says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:07:02 1999
Hello boddy !


Carita says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:06:35 1999
We've Reached 50+!

"Buffman is a Hottie Club"

Welcome to Our Newest Members!

Current Members:
President: angelgazer
Vice-President: Manx
Secretary: Carita
Treasurer: SpookyMagoo
Photographer: CHRIS
Official Translator: Anais
Personal Medic: PAM
Strawberries member #8
Fatima member #9
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Luna #28
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Kendra #30
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Lunec #32
drdan #33
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Candy #35
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Icelord #37
Annabel #38
Demitri_soul #39
Buffy Summers the Original #40!
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Angelina #46
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Newest Members!
Raven #50
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The Feather Boa #53
Eire #54
Marilee #55

Want to Join, and find out Why this Club is different?

Contact me, my addy is above, just click on my name

~Carita - Secretary


elusio says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:05:29 1999
woah.. just choked on a M & M - teach me right for eating that many today, I suppose


susan says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:05:14 1999
I really enjoy the show. I am a devoted watcer every Tuesday night. I am, however, really missing the Buffy/Angel connection this season.


TouroGal says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:03:52 1999
-mere- - name dropper!

Gee, I didn't get first. Why am I not surprised? The way this day is going, I'll expect to lose my 'net connection any minute...

...s s...


CHRIS says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:03:51 1999

How is everyone this fine AM?

Saw David on Regis & Kathie Lee and may I say he was HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!! Love the way he looked in that shade of blue.....he is a beautiful, beautiful man.

Attention to all GRYPHON buds and admirers.......she is away for the week for a little restful time off and will return next MONDAY!

CATEI am sorry that your guys lost to Boston...seems a shame that they won so many games and yet don't get to go further. I love the way you love your team....I love my hockey team...Montreal Canadians. Although they are sucking floor...they are MY team!!!!
SPIKE BABY next week!!!!! Enjoy tonights eppy's!

Is it 8pm shouts to:PAM, Gryphon, Cate, Piasalady, Chrissy, Yooper, Closet Buffyholic, CBBro, Opus, Angle Man, Anya, Godeater, Manx, Jayne, MeeB, VT, katvamp, KAM, Fenric, Lovely Poet, Lena, ValMichael, Taster's Choice, Pippin, Buffy 13, Professional Lurker, Leather Jacket, shehawken, Goldspike, Savannah, CosmicBob, Fatima, Cricket, LouWho, Immortal,Carita, Angelgazer, JSK, MIDI12AM, BUFFMAN, Strawberries, Spookymagoo....and to all you other posters and lurkers here today.

FABOO VIP Shouts to: David, SMG, NICK, TONY, Charisma, Alyson, Seth, Joss, Eliza, Jeff Pruitt, Chris Beck, Erika AMATO, Elizabeth Anne, LARRY BAGBY III

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CHRIS's PBP99 PICS DID take my breathe away!!

..."she wants you to taste her"...
..."as long as you're there, I mostly want you to wriggle"...
..."David is a man in a world full of boys"...
..."You are a beautiful, beautiful man"...

WARNING....This post may contain traces of post David viewage Drool


Cosmic Bob says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:03:46 1999
Wow, -mere- is up early.

Leather Jacket (from yesterday)
Was it actually jealousy that prompted Xander to threaten to kill Angel? If you are talking about the time in "Revelations" when he and Faith set out to kill Angel, I don't think that was due primarily to jealousy. It had more to do with fear and anger. I don't remember enough about the time in "Angel" to say why, but I think it had something to do with "he's a vamp". Which is probably more related to what happened to Jesse then simple jealousy.

Which is why I wish I had an equivalent one. But, the person I got this from didn't send one. Oh well.

Suzanne and Cate
That's why baseball today isn't real baseball. Wild cards? In baseball? *sigh* Prior to division play, the best team in each league would meet in the World Series. It's been like that since, oh, 1900 or so (my dates are inaccurate, I know). But it was all driven by the great dollar. It is making baseball into hockey, football and basketball, where it takes very little to actually get in to post season play, and a team like the Indians can be knocked out due to a run of bad luck (23-7? Well, maybe just a bit more than simply bad luck. *ouch*). But that's not why I don't watch baseball anymore. Another really long tirade.

Only Joss knows for sure what will happen to the Slayer line when Buffy dies. And he's not saying. My own personal opinion (note: "opinion") is that another slayer won't be called. I think that a new slayer will only be called when Faith dies. Of course I have nothing to back this up with, so it wouldn't be a big deal to me should it turn out to be wrong.

Cosmic Bob
JP Gang Member #34
Elizabeth Anne Allen Fan Club Member #1
Viva La Diva Member #80
We Possess Willow Power #1230
Adulating Sycophant #2 Robia Department Head
The Out-of-Control Shrine-rs #16
One of Marti's Minions
Danced With Eliza
"That's not where I dangle it."


Carita says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:03:11 1999
So not FIRST!

SpookyMagoo! You have E! (at work) Did you make first?

Kendra: You have reply E


TMorel says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:03:09 1999
Shaun It was her own blood. Like I said "freaky girl".

StGermain Awww, poor thing. He's a nasty son-let. I'd disown him if I were you. You can have a chunk of my toblerone if you want.

Kenickie Hi there - life treating you well?

LadyJack I am aren't I :o)

Jennie Oh and when you scroll - OK I'll phone tonight - just promise me no more animal noises on my answerphone OK?


Kendra says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:02:05 1999
OOPS forgot something..That last post holds small tiny hardly worth mentioning Spoilers sorry about that.


-mere- says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:01:11 1999
ben: Doug Petrie and i were just discussing Buckner's error yesterday. i think you're right.

oh--am i here?


Clattering says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:00:59 1999
Did I see Kenickie picking on Kajagoogoo? hush, shy, shy, to hush eye to eye......" what is wrong with the eighties music? It had no meaning, and that was the best thing about remonstrances, no angst, no beating of the chest in agony or pain, just pure meaningless bad love affairs. I mean, you never had to think that hard when you were listening to Duran Duran sing about Rio or Hungry LIke the could just enjoy. Now each song brings a whole different load of guilt and pain....why one can barely listen these days without heading immediately to church or temple or bowing in the direction of Mecca in order to stave off the pangs of guilt and remorse (or one could join the nearest cult, or Greenpeace, these agencies would serve equally well) Cher said in "Clueless" it's all "complaint rock"....*g*


ntmT says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:00:27 1999
Jefer: As far as I know, Slayer power is not transferable, but rather, a Slayer is chosen and given the power. But the death of Slayer signals the powers that be (what?) to call for another Slayer, and as far as I can tell, the number of Slayers could be unlimited if someone can keep killing a Slayer and bringing her back to life.

Haz: It's a win-win situation on both sides. Diehard Buffyfans will want to see the uncut version and the network gets more viewers.

If Joss was at one of the Big Three or FOX, how many wannabe spinoffs and copy cats would we have to endure?


Cate says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:00:24 1999
Totally NOT 1st!


The Unofficial Official Spike Countdown: 7 days!
That's one week people!!!

Buffy 3rd episode title: The Harsh Light of Day.
Written by Jane Espenson
Thank you Angle Man!

Angel 3rd episode title: In The Dark.
Written by Doug Petrie
Thank you MeeB and NancyE!



TouroGal says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:00:06 1999


kendra says:
(Tue Oct 12 08:00:00 1999
OK another interesting thought Provocking(sp?) question for you all...

How is it that in Buffy the say that you can't see a vamps reflection which includes pictures and stuff. They even in a couple of eps show Angel with out a reflection.. Then in the later seasons starting with Holloween have vamps on tape when Spike is watching the vidio. Then in later eps in the third season like when Buffys Mom was kiddnaped in Helpless there was a pic there with her and the Vamp in it. How is this posible when Vamps have no reflection and they have to have to have that to show up on film???

OK theres my contribution for the days topical discusion..Your views please..

Jefer Oh I like this question. I personally like to think of this situation as a bonus. I meen look at it this way more people fighting Vamps more chance of winning. I think that it will continue as there being two slayers instead of one. And if the counsel is smaet thay will figure this out and try to help the slayers rather then stop them as they seem to want to do with Buffy and Faith.

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