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Oddworld Inhabitants' Abe defied a whole bunch of established action/platformer game precepts. He wasn't big and strong, or armed to the teeth, or a scantily clad female, or some kind of cutesy animal. Instead, he was a hapless, meek, sad-eyed, clumsy everyman trapped inside the squat body of a lowly Mudokon - a fictitious race of oppressed, ugly green people enslaved and continually exploited by the evil Glukkons.

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Even though Abe wasn't an adorable rodent or a gun-toting maniac, he had all the right moves, and then some. That is to say, he could run and jump with the best of them, but he distinguished himself from other heroes by his other abilities, like GameSpeak. Using GameSpeak, Abe could communicate with his fellow Mudokons and ask them to help him negotiate complex puzzles, or he could use it to carefully guide them around various hazards and eventually use his psionic chant power to liberate them. In addition, Abe could also take control, or "possession," of his enemies with his chant. This added a new dimension to his GameSpeak ability; once Abe had one of his enemies in thrall, he could command it to communicate with or destroy other bad guys. And to top it all off, in the second of Abe's two games, he also gained the ability to take control of his own flatulence - an unsavory but original means of scouting out and securing dangerous areas laden with explosives.

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With his klutzy, benign charm and his innovative and surprisingly sophisticated means of interacting with his environment and other characters, Abe sets himself apart as one of the best and most memorable game heroes out there.

Listen to Abe:
abegrrr.wav (16KB)
abehello.wav (6KB)
abeoops.wav (18KB)
abelaugh.wav (16KB)


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