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The Every-Once-in-a-While Newsletter

May 26, 1999

Dear friends of Creation Science Evangelism (as well as a few enemies, scoffers, atheists and assorted bad guys that are reading this for a variety of reasons),

We have had so much fun here at CSE the last two weeks. One man who loves our ministry sent a check for $15,000 and said, "Please use this money to give away as many videos as you can." We decided to make the seminar videos available free to foreign missionaries. We sent a letter to all the missionaries we know and told them about the free videos. We have sent out over 1,000 tapes so far to many countries, but still have some funds available to send more. This is sooooo fun! If you know of any foreign missionaries who would be able to use our materials, please, have them contact us. We believe this crop of seeds will bear fruit for many years to come.

New Staff Members: My son, Eric, graduated from Jackson Hole Bible College with a one-year Bible degree with an emphasis in Creation and then attended Tennessee Temple University for a year. He joined our CSE staff May 10th. He is taking my seminar to schools and churches and has quite a few meetings scheduled already. He will also be taking my creation seminar to the Ukraine in June, getting married July 16th and going back to Ukraine with his wife and her brother in September for a tour of public schools and universities. Many Ukrainian people have told us of the desperate need for the creation message in the Ukraine. The goal is to train and equip individuals in the Ukraine to continue using creation science as a means of evangelism. Several people have sent money to help with this endeavor and we look for God to do great things with this outreach. Welcome to CSE, Eric! We are proud to have you on the team!

Other Family News: Our daughter, Marlissa, will also be joining the staff for the summer. She is majoring in secretarial administration at TTU to come back and work for her daddy full time. Kent Andrew just finished a one-year Bible program at TTU, and is working on the multi-media team at our church, Marcus Pointe Baptist. It is great to have them all home again!

Testimony: We get scores of testimony letters here each week and wish we had space to share them all. We thought you might enjoy an excerpt from the one I just received today.

"How do you do? My name is M.K. Marek and I am a scientist like yourself. I teach at the State College here in Massachusetts and also public school. I teach science including geology and ichnology. A few months ago, a friend insisted I listen to your tapes (from a Swansea Mass. church visit I believe) I rebuffed him for several months then finally gave in, mainly to tear apart whatever argument you made and reinforce evolution theory to my friend, who I felt you were misguiding. I planned to discredit you point by point. Instead it was you who discredited me, or rather, my "scientific" beliefs; I put that word in quotes now, on account of your message. You were able to counter everything we have been indoctrinated with by the government educational system (radiometric dating, micro Vs macroevolution, and the presence of a designer...). I never saw things that way before but after listening to your tapes, I began feeling like we are all pawns in this educational system, passing on evolutionist propaganda to create a Godless state which is much easier to manage for the government; after all, if society's standards drop because there is no God/morals and consequently /additionally, we get distracted by material things, we are easier to manage since we are concentrating on our own material gains instead of what the government is up to and we don't hold our politicians to very high standards morally since they become more man than Christian.

You are right; there is absolutely no hard evidence of evolution; it is all inference and implication and a convenient lack of supporting archeological relics. Smoke and mirrors. I stopped creating my summer curriculum cold. I cannot in good conscience teach this stuff to the hundreds of children I teach during summer school or the classroom of students I see in the regular year. You're killing me too because I am $50,000 in debt over my graduate degree but I cannot continue to propagate this material further! I will have to find another way to pay my loans back but it will not be at the expense of my students and destroying their faith. ... I just asked to be saved through this experience so I am just getting on the road after being a lapsed catholic.... Through these tapes, which you made no profit from since I received them third hand, you have saved the innocence of hundreds of children's minds which I would have corrupted this summer. I am not implying I am malicious, but as you said, I went through years and years of College to get this stupid and I guess that is what a Master's degree will get you...further and further from the truth. I scoffed at you a month ago. Now I am the one who is humbled."

Ideas: "What can I do to help the ministry of CSE?" A few ideas are: donate our seminar tapes to your public library, church library or public school library or share your copy with them. Many church bookstores are buying our tapes at bookstore discount then selling them to people in the church or community to raise money for projects around their ministry such as youth camp trips or Sunday School class activities. Call the office and speak with Dan for details. Some people have called their local radio stations to have them air a tape or have me on a talk show as a guest. Others have called their local access cable TV station and requested airing of the seminar tapes. You could make a copy of the first 30 minutes of a seminar tape and give it to a friend. It may be enough to whet their appetite for more. Some people schedule a time to show creation videos in their public library or church on a Thursday night. They show a video segment and have question and answer time afterwards. You may want to get a quantity of our book, Claws, Jaws and Dinosaurs, to give out to friends and neighbors. It is a great way to get them interested in creation science. When bought in quantities of ten for $39.00 you save 40%. Many young people are out of school and would have time to read it.

We have re-taped the entire series in the last seven months and are now using digital masters. We have added so much material that we have had to divide Part #1 into two tapes and move the video about Leviathan (the old seminar Part 3) to the topical video series section. Effective mid-May Part #2 will be The Garden of Eden and the tape Dinosaurs in the Bible will be Part #3 (the old seminar Part 2). Our new catalog contains several new books, T-shirts, fossil replicas and our newest tapes. If you need a copy, or would like extra catalogs to give to friends (or enemies), just let us know how many and we'll send them to you. If you purchased an older seminar video series from us and would like to have an updated set, just return the old ones along with $58.50 ($50.00 plus $8.50 shipping and handling) and we will forward a new set to you right away.

Prayer Requests: CSE staff members Mike Schultz and Eric Hovind are booking meetings now for this summer and fall. They will be sharing the same information I use in my seminar. If you know of any churches, youth groups, schools etc. that would want to have either of them share my seminar material, please, call the office and ask for Martha to schedule a seminar. As always, there is no charge for CSE seminars, they will come on a love-offering basis. In addition, we are also working to start a portable creation ministry to take to fairs, flea markets, carnivals, etc. Pray that God will bless these new outreach endeavors. Also, my creationist friend, Ron Wyatt, has a fast-acting painful cancer in his spine and needs your prayers.

Keep serving the Creator,


Kent Hovind