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Welcome to the official website for the Python language. The following items are accessible from the top of each page on this site:

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Other items of interest:

Special Announcements

The toExcel Bookstore offers printed copies of the Python Library Reference, Language Reference and Tutorial. Royalties go to the PSA. (9-Sep-1999)

Computer Programming for Everybody. This DARPA-funded research program intends to turn Python into the ideal teaching language and produce better programming tools to boot. (7-Sep-1999, 12-Oct-1999)

8th International Python Conference. The conference will be held at the Hilton Alexandria Old Town in Alexandria, Virginia from Monday January 24 through Thursday January 27, 2000. Registration will open mid October. (17-Aug-1999, 12-Oct-1999)

JPython 1.1 beta 3 released - Come visit the newly redesigned JPython website at www.jpython.org, and download the third beta in the JPython 1.1 series. (22-Sep-1999)

Learning Python, the new beginners' book by Mark Lutz and David Ascher, is a bestseller. Order now. Sample chapters. A controversial banner ad. (2-Apr-99, 20-Apr-99, 29-Jun-99)

Recent releases and other news

(culled from comp.lang.python.announce, these entries appear in the order in which they are grabbed off the newsgroup) These are also available via the Python channel at My Netscape.

Das Python-Tutorium - German translation of GvR's Python Tutorial. (30-Sep-99)

agrepy 1.1 - String matching in the presence of a small number of errors. (30-Sep-99)

pygtk-0.6.3 and gnome-python-1.0.40 - bindings for the GTK+ widget set and the GNOME libraries. (30-Sep-99)

Article on IBM developerWorks - this on-line article compares Python with Perl, Java, and Tcl. (29-Sep-99)

Scintilla 1.01 - a source code editing component for Win32 and GTK, and a demonstration text editor (SciTE). (29-Sep-99)

Distutils 0.1 - early preview version of the Python Module Distribution Utilities, a collection of modules that aid in the development, distribution, and installation of Python modules; will become a standard part of Python 1.6. (29-Sep-99)

Linux Journal Articles - a review of the ''Learning Python'' book in the October issue (#66) of Linux Journal and an interview with Guido van Rossum about teaching Python to non-CS students. (28-Sep-99)

PyKDE/PyQt Mailing List - a new mailing list for the discussion of Phil Thompson's PyKDE/PyQt bindings. (28-Sep-99)

PSI 0.0.1 (click to download as .tar.gz file) - Python Script Interface; an Apache module for long-running Python CGI scripts, similar to FastCGI. (28-Sep-99)

Pybliographer 0.9.4 - a framework for managing bibliographic databases, such as BibTeX files. (27-Sep-99)

ldap-client-cgi.py 0.5.0 - LDAP web client, now with support for client-side schema checking and hashed passwords. (27-Sep-99)

ViPyl (Visual Python Library) 0.1 - beginnings of a visual GUI builder for PyQT/PyKDE. (25-Sep-99)

FreeWorld BBS 0.3.0 - the beginnings of a BBS package for the Unix operating system; includes support for running Python scripts. (25-Sep-99)

Garbage Collection Patch - a patch to add garbage collection to Python; for Linux/UNIX. (23-Sep-99)

Gnuplot.py 1.3 - interface to the gnuplot plotting program; needs NumPy. (23-Sep-99)

Zope 2.0.1 - a free, open source web application platform used for building high-performance, dynamic web sites; security update for Zope 2.0.0. (22-Sep-99)

XML SIG CVS snapshot - self-installing version of the Python XML SIG snapshot code (for Windows). (21-Sep-99)

GLADE/libglade - a GUI builder for GTK+ and GNOME that saves UI descriptions as XML files; also usable with PyGNOME. (21-Sep-99)

Sketch 0.6.2 - a vector drawing program for Unix written in Python. (19-Sep-99)

CTC 0.3.0 - a proxy-like server that will keep advertisement banners out of your (web-browsing) sight. (19-Sep-99)

pypvm 0.8.5 - a Python interface to the C libraries of PVM (the Parallel Virtual Machine) for distributed computations. (18-Sep-99)

pyching 0.9.2 - Tkinter-based ''reader'' for the I Ching (an ancient Chinese book of wisdom). (18-Sep-99)

QIO module - faster version of readline() file operation (derived from INN news server code), with read-ahead buffering. (16-Sep-99)

Python Book Review - a review of the O'Reilly ''Learning Python'' book (at 32bitsonline.com). (15-Sep-99)

pydf 0.6 - displays the amount of used and available space on your Linux filesystems, just like df, but in colours. (15-Sep-99)

4DOM 0.8.1 - CORBA-aware implementation of the W3C Document Object Model (DOM), supports Fnorb, ILU and "ORB-less" operation. (14-Sep-99)

4XSLT 0.7.1 - XML transformation processor based on the W3C specification for the XSLT transform language. (14-Sep-99)

mrDBC 0.9 beta 2 - high-level interface to mySQL databases. (13-Sep-99)

PyFT 0.5 - Wrappers for the FreeType library for rendering TrueType fonts. (13-Sep-99)

Tk Slashdot Headline Viewer - Tk/Tkinter version of a reader for slashdot.org headlines. (12-Sep-99)

DynDNS 0.4 - dynamic DNS update daemon, written in Python, with a built-in CGI frontend and log analyzer. (12-Sep-99)

List Comprehensions Patch - Greg Ewing's implementation of enhanced list comprehensions syntax for Python (using "for" and "in" keywords). (11-Sep-99)

Biopython.org - a collaborative effort to develop freely available Python libraries and applications for use in bioinformatics (like Bioperl.org). (10-Sep-99)

The Loci Project - a modular and extensible system of clients and servers for distributing bioinformatics programs and databases; written in Python. (10-Sep-99)

Pyfort 2 - Python/FORTRAN connection tool. (10-Sep-99)

IcePref 0.11 - graphical configuration utility for the IceWM 0.9.48 window manager for X11; needs PyGTK. (10-Sep-99)

PyORBit 0.0.1 - beginnings of Python bindings for ORBit (the free, C-based, light-weight CORBA ORB used by the GNOME project). (10-Sep-99)

Inconsistent return warning patch - a patch that makes Python warn about inconsistent use of the return statement within a function. (10-Sep-99)

SimpleParse 1.0 - a simple parser generation system based on Marc-Andre Lemburg's mxTextTools tagging engine. (09-Sep-99)

mxTextTools 1.1.1 - fast text processing tools. (09-Sep-99)

Northern Colorado Python Users Group. The first meeting will be on October 19th at Healthy Habits Restaurant, 4760 Baseline Road, Boulder CO. (08-Sep-99)

Zeus for Windows Editor 3.00 - commercial programmer's editor for Microsoft Windows; includes support for editing Python programs. (08-Sep-99)

DISLIN 7.2 - high-level data plotting library, featuring support for Java, Python and Perl. (07-Sep-99)

Python Snippets - collection of Python code snippets/idioms; new URL! (07-Sep-99)

Czech Python Web Site - new web site in Czech about Python. (07-Sep-99)

PyKDE 0.9 - Python bindings for the K Desktop Environment (KDE 1.x); requires PyQt. (06-Sep-99)

PTkEI 1.10 - Python/Tk client for Empire game. (06-Sep-99)

PyQt 0.9 - Python bindings for the Qt GUI toolkit. (06-Sep-99)

Pyro 0.6 - Distributed Objects system for Python. (06-Sep-99)

LORAX - beta test version of new RedHat Linux/x86 installation procedure (written in Python). (06-Sep-99)

BeOS native API modules 0.1 - Python interface to the BeOS C++ API; includes example programs such as a minimal USENET news reader. (06-Sep-99)

Parrot 0.2.0 - prototype version of a new description-based multi-backend GUI builder; currently supports Tkinter. (05-Sep-99)

ldap-client-cgi.py 0.4.4 - LDAP web client. (04-Sep-99)

Windows extensions CVS - direct access to the latest source code of the Python for Windows extensions via CVS. (04-Sep-99)

Pagecast 2.0 alpha 1 - submit lists of URLs to search engine spiders; preview version for Pagecast 2.x release. (03-Sep-99)

cloom - a simple command-line mail reader for reading UNIX mailboxes. (03-Sep-99)

pyca-0.5.5 - scripts and CGI-BIN programs for setting up and running a certificate authority using OpenSSL. (02-Sep-99)

GRiNS 1.0 - commercial editor/player for W3C SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Interchange Language), written in Python. (02-Sep-99)

CorbaScript 1.3.1 - interpreted object-oriented scripting language for CORBA environments; resembles Python. (01-Sep-99)

PyVersant 0.1 - interface to the C API of the Versant commercial OODBMS. (01-Sep-99)

TABLA 0.2 - Python script for building and (interactively) editing HTML-based tables. (31-Aug-99)

adzapper 0.1.27 - filtering web proxy that blocks ads from being downloaded. (30-Aug-99)

Extended Call Syntax - Greg Ewing's implementation of extended argument passing syntax (for use e.g. in class constructors). (29-Aug-99)

Pagecast 1.1.1 - submit lists of URLs to search engine spiders. (28-Aug-99)

mcl 0.52.00 - text-based MUD client for Linux/UNIX with support for Perl and Python scripting. (28-Aug-99)

Palm-Mail 0.4 - interface to the Mail application in PalmOS PDAs; needs Pyrite. (28-Aug-99)

DCOracle 1.3.0 - a DBI-compliant extension module for Oracle. (27-Aug-99)

Writing CGI Programs in Python - article at devshed.com. (27-Aug-99)

RPM interface - Python dictionary-style interface to RPM (RedHat Package Manager) files and databases. (26-Aug-99)

html_cal.py - a modified version of the standard calendar.py library module, for creating calendars in HTML; mail author Fred Pacquier for source code. (26-Aug-99)

pybox utility library - Python utility classes and scripts; such as a base class for creating command line applications with formatted help output and argument handling, user preferences management, and a high-level Win32 registry access class. (23-Aug-99)

PmwContribD 1.11 - Pmw-based Tkinter widgets including a ProgressMeter, basic TreeNavigator and a simple GUI application framework. (23-Aug-99)

M2 Python Crypto Toolkit 0.02 - OpenSSL wrapper and support for writing SSL-based web servers and clients in Python. (22-Aug-99)

qtime-collection 1.6.1 - simple program telling the time, written in various programming languages, including Python. (22-Aug-99)

normalDate 0.7 - updated version of Jeff Bauer's ''NormalDate'' class for date calculations based on scalar integers. (21-Aug-99)

DDD 3.1.6 - graphical user interface for command-line debuggers; includes support for the Python debugger. (20-Aug-99)

Natter 1.0a1 - a Python CORBA 2.3 mapping based on C++; needs a separate C++ ORB to work. (20-Aug-99)

mxProxy 0.2.0 - generic proxy object providing low-level access control and weak references. (19-Aug-99)

htmlPARSER 0.9 beta 1 - Python classes for easy creation of HTML parsers. (15-Aug-99)

mrDBC 0.9 beta 1 - high-level interface to mySQL databases. (18-Aug-99)

FXPy 0.99.63 - Python interface to the FOX free cross-platform C++ graphical user interface library for Unix/X11 and Microsoft Windows. (17-Aug-99)

PyPam - Python interface to Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) for Linux. (17-Aug-99)

puppy - a tiny, simple mailinglist manager, written in Python. (17-Aug-99)

PythonWare Sound Toolkit (PST) 0.1 - a simple sound library for Python. (17-Aug-99)

Python's Russian Pages - a new web site in Russian about Python. (17-Aug-99)

Gaby 1.9.8 - a small graphical personal database manager using GTK+/GNOME for its GUI and featuring an embedded Python interpreter. (16-Aug-99)

pypvm 0.8.2 - a Python interface to the C libraries of PVM (the Parallel Virtual Machine) for distributed computations. (16-Aug-99)

Palm-Mail 0.1 - interface to the Mail application in PalmOS PDAs; needs Pyrite. (15-Aug-99)

Alfajor 1.4 - configurable HTTP cookie filter written in Python. (15-Aug-99)

adzapper 0.1.26 - filtering web proxy that blocks ads from being downloaded. (15-Aug-99)

IcePref 0.10 - graphical configuration utility for the IceWM 0.9.45 window manager for X11; needs PyGTK. (14-Aug-99)

python-mode.el 3.105 - a mode for GNU Emacs and XEmacs for editing and executing Python programs. (13-Aug-99)

gdchart-py-0.1 - Python interface to the GDChart library, for creating bitmapped charts and graphs. (11-Aug-99)

Compiling Python Extensions on Win32 with GCC 2.95 - Instructions for compiling Python extensions on Win32 OS's with free tools. (11-Aug-99)

adzapper 0.1.23 - filtering web proxy that blocks ads from being downloaded. (10-Aug-99)

Pyrite 0.7.7 - access 3COM/Palm Computing devices with Python; formerly called PalmPython. (09-Aug-99)

wxPython 2.1b2 - interface to the wxWindows v2.1 free cross-platform GUI library. (09-Aug-99)

pygtk-0.6.2 and gnome-python-1.0.4 - bindings for the GTK+ widget set and GNOME libraries. (09-Aug-99)

Pyfort 1.0 - a tool for connecting Python to Fortran. (09-Aug-99)

PyKhep - monitor and control a Khepera research/teaching robot. (09-Aug-99)

ldap-client-cgi.py 0.4.1 - LDAP web client; many improvements since last version. (09-Aug-99)

SCXX beta 1 - lightweight C++ wrapper for dealing with PyObjects; for writing C++ that looks more like Python than the C API. (08-Aug-99)

Gnuplot.py 1.2 - interface to the gnuplot plotting program, now with support for MS Windows; needs NumPy. (08-Aug-99)

MkWrap - Python interface to the MetaKit (commercial) embedded database. (08-Aug-99)

Python Imaging Library 1.0 - an image processing and graphics library for Python. (06-Aug-99)

Sketch 0.6.1 - advanced vector drawing program for Unix written in Python. (06-Aug-99)

recur.py - a Python class to handle recurring dates; needs mxDateTime module. (06-Aug-99)

CVS Snapshots - daily snapshots of Python, Zope and PyOpenGL CVS development versions. (04-Aug-99)

Deeply Embedded Python 0.1 - A minimal version of the Python virtual machine for small embedded systems. (02-Aug-99)

Python microthreads - experimental implementation of interpreter-level threads using a modified Python byte code interpreter. (01-Aug-99)

Maxtal Interscript 1.0a9 - advanced literate programming system, designed to support integrated development of code and documentation. (01-Aug-99)