by Bill Willingham

Welcome to Clockwork Storybook, a monthly magazine featuring tales of urban fantasy set in the shared world of San Cibola, a fictional city in Northern California, a fictional state (though the residents don’t always know that).

What is a shared world? Reasonable question. A shared world is one in which many authors write stories set in the same imagined space, and even make use of each others characters, building over time a rich and detailed fictional history. You’ve no doubt encountered many shared worlds already. The popular sitcom Frasier takes place in the same world in which the show Cheers used to. Those of you who read Marvel and DC comics know that all of their characters exist and interact in the same universe. Some of the most popular shared worlds in recent literature were the Wild Cards, Thieves World, and Borderlands series.

Our magazine will have four new stories by our core group of authors every month, plus an occasional story by guest authors invited to play in our fabricated realm. We hope you will visit us often, enjoy your stay, and recommend us to your friends. And, if you like what you find here you might consider subscribing.


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