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Scarecrow on a fence

High stepper

 This spirited-looking fellow was just one of the many characters that greeted visitors to Mahone Bay over the weekend. The town's third annual Great Scarecrow Festival and Antiques Fair attracted thousands of people.

Abandoned by Ottawa

 COUNTY - County fishermen say they've been abandoned in the wake of the recent Marshall ruling.

 Last week, more than 100 fishermen met to discuss the recent Supreme Court ruling that concluded Donald Marshall Jr. had a treaty right dating to 1760 to fish year-round without a licence and sell his catch commercially.

 The decision related to an appeal, by Mr. Marshall, of a 1996 conviction for catching 210 kilograms of eels out of season and selling them for $787. That conviction is now overturned.

 The landmark 5-2 ruling has sent panic and confusion through most of the region's resource industries, notably the multimillion-dollar lobster fishery. Within hours of its release, native fishermen were out setting an estimated 3,000 traps.

 Locally, fishermen say they've been frustrated by the lack of information made available to them. Officials with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans even refused their invitation to attend the meeting in Lunenburg.

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