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Notebooks for Rough People
Hardware Posted by Roblimo on Wednesday October 13, @01:00AM EDT
from the takes-a-licking-and-keeps-on-computing dept.
snack writes "Hey guys, I was surfing around, and somehow I came across Panasonic Tough Book. These things look uber cool, magnesium casings and all. They've also got shock resistant lcd's and hard drives. Water proof, and dust proof. Very very kick ass." Okay. Finally I'm gonna jump on the Slashdot "I gotta have one of these!" bandwagon. (My tongue is hanging out as I type.)

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Amazon.com Receives Patent for 1-Click Shopping
The Internet Posted by Hemos on Tuesday October 12, @11:04PM EDT
from the attack-of-the-dumb-patents dept.
jaydeekay writes "It looks like Amazon has patented the storing of credit-card and shipping info and then using it to facilate online purchasing via a single click. Check out this news release from Yahoo. Interesting to look at the actual patent - Amazon seems to have several patents which seem awfully 'generic' " Ah, yes, yet more dumb patents.

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1999 Nobel Science Prizes Announced
Science Posted by Hemos on Tuesday October 12, @07:40PM EDT
from the good-winners-all-around dept.
Andrew Childs writes "The 1999 Nobel Prizes in the sciences have been announced. The physics prize goes to Gerardus 't Hooft and Martinus Veltman "for elucidating the quantum structure of electroweak interactions in physics." The chemistry prize goes to Ahmed Zewail "for his studies of the transition states of chemical reactions using femtosecond spectroscopy." And the prize in physiology or medicine goes to Gunter Blobel "for the discovery that proteins have intrinsic signals that govern their transport and localization in the cell." "

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IBM Promises Even More Linux Support
IBM Posted by Hemos on Tuesday October 12, @07:01PM EDT
from the big-blue-coming-out dept.
Jacek Fedorynski writes "This CNN article titled "IBM putting a Big Blue stamp on Linux" confirms that IBM will support Linux in both the hardware and software areas. " Sort of position piece from IBM - recognizing the importance of open standards, and staking much of their future with Linux.

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Spacecraft Launching Maglevs
Technology Posted by Hemos on Tuesday October 12, @05:43PM EDT
from the use-it-on-your-enemies dept.
M1000 pointed us over to a recent Wired article regarding NASA picking up maglev technology for launching spacecraft. The reasoning is that the weight-cost of propellant when launching shuttles takes up a high amount of the weight and this would cut down the needs for rocket fuel. Rockets would still be needed for the final launch as the current max maglev speed is 600 MPH. More experiment test models are being worked on now.

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Your Rights Online: IETF and wiretapping standards
The Internet Posted by michael on Tuesday October 12, @03:31PM EDT
from the and-so-faintly-you-came-tapping-tapping-at-my-chamber-door dept.
Anonymous Coward writes "I just noticed that the IETF has sent out a request for discussion dealing with the implementation of wiretapping in Internet Protocols. The motivation is based on laws some Governments have about telecommunication systems." The message and subscription information to their discussion email list, punningly titled "Raven", are available on the web. Oh, and "some Governments" includes the U.S. and most other countries, so I hope the IETF will get some good feedback.

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Ikonos 1-Meter Resolution Earth Images from Space
Technology Posted by Hemos on Tuesday October 12, @02:35PM EDT
from the fun-with-commericial-imaging dept.
Attack Pirate writes "Colorado based Space Imaging will release their first 1-meter resolution pictures from space in a press release here. The images are from their brand new Ikonos spacecraft and they'll be available for purchase. I've had a peek at some sub-sampled stuff and am very impressed with the quality. You can see ... well, just wait until 11:30 PM Mountain time and see for yourself. Backup sites are newswire.spaceimaging.com and www.businesswire.com (click on "Today's Photo Wire"). " I'm going to be tracking a lot of people's movements with this now.

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Intel squashes Rambus Bugs
Bug Posted by Hemos on Tuesday October 12, @02:03PM EDT
from the squash-squish-squash-squish dept.
Fooster writes "According to this article in Forbes, Intel has indentified and solved the problems in the i820 chip for Rambus. Few details on the nature of the solution. " As Forbes points out, the challenge is getting OEMs back on board - I'd be skittish as well.

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PCWeek Summarizes hackpcweek.com Test
Linux Posted by Hemos on Tuesday October 12, @01:35PM EDT
from the getting-the-full-story dept.
Banraeth writes "This week's PC Week contains a story about the results from their hackpcweek.com security test site. They explain the object of the test, how many attempts they got, the structure of the attempts and the way someone finally got in. The article reads really well and very clearly explains the anatomy of a break-in for those of us who aren't Linux security gurus. "

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Nokia and Intel to make Linux-based Set-Top Box
Intel Posted by CmdrTaco on Tuesday October 12, @12:14PM EDT
from the sounds-interesting dept.
hkon writes "Nokia and Intel are apparently going to make a set-top box that "integrates the internet and digital TV" Intel claims it'll "change the nature of television". Does that mean I can't watch silly american sitcoms on sunday mornings anymore? =)" Talks about internet TV delivery, which I'm a big fan of. But something tells me that'll be awhile.

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