Rape Stories from Visitors

These stories with non consent sex,forced sex, role play are from visitors to this site. For to read them must you be over 18 year. If such fantasy stories offended you please turn back.
This is only fantasies, stories. Rape are a heinous crime, I don´t promote it. If you not understand the difference between fantasy and reality, please turn back.

If the author have a pseudonym and no e-mail are given, please don´t ask after it.

If you have a fantasy, a own story you want have published, are you welcome to send it in text format here

Because I get so many stories can I not published all.
Divide the text in paragraphs, a title, and a pseudonym if you want.

I have only two rules, no stories with victims below 15 year or murder on victims.

The Stories

My Best Friend She and hers best friend becomes gang raped by hers boyfriend and three others boys. NEW!!

Hell House A girl come back to the house there hers stepfather and two others men tried to rape her for ten years ago. Now had they a chance to. Short. NEW!!

A Second Chance to Rape Angel A student tried to rape a cheerleader in school, he got a new chance ten years later, when she was married. Forced hers husband watch.

Used and Abused A brother watched his father raped his sister.

Lisa is Forced to Grow Up by Lisa. A girl becomes raped by hers brother and his two friends.

Fantasy into Reality By Hunter. A young man fantasy was to let someone rape his sister and make her to his sex slave. He meet a man who want do it. Short.

Speerless Prep Academy By Hunter. A school girl becomes raped in the school gym shower, by gym master. Short.

Wife Rape A man rape his wife with help from some friends.

Pirate Taxi What happen to women who take pirate taxi and can´t pay? Long, well written story.

Pretty Good But She´s Mine 18 years boy find a pretty girl in the school, but she want not have him. He break into hers house.

That Little Fucking Bitch! His mother-in-law do everything for ruins his marriage, but he fight back. Long story.

Sorority Rape A man copies keys to student apartment for break into them.

A Police Woman Betrayed For caught a rude serial rapist who rapes only lesbian women, make a police captain a trap there a lesbian police rapes a police woman.

Child's Play: In PORNOVISION A fictitious show with narrator, there Teri Hatcher becomes raped by hers son. Eccentric and funny, not a ordinary story.

The Night They Ganged Up On Cyndi By Henry. Cyndi flirted gladly with men, which make two women neighbours arranged a party there they lets a group men gang rape her.

The Rape of Diana McKay By Henry. A 41 years female teacher meets hers students on the summer holiday, they decide to drugs and gang rapes her.

On Trial By Raper. Innocent charged for rape in trial, he decides to rape the "victim", short story.

How I Raped Jennifer By Raper. His sisters baby sitter is a cock teaser and he decide himself for rape her.

Fled to the Rapist Den By Raper. A girl fled from be rape by a group boys, to a rapist apartment.

To Good to be True By Raper. A rapists find his third victim, a female student, break in to hers apartment.

The Teacher By Mad Dog. A teacher rapes a 16 year female student.

I´m a Teenage Slave By Mad Dog. Young girl becomes kidnapped and sold as a slave.

Revenge Gone Bad By Computerdude1950. A woman get $ 500 for striptease on a private party, but the men want more than just striptease.

Policed Brutality By Computerdude1950. Two cops has a different job on the side, they force people to sexual things and films it.

Revenge of the X´s By Computerdude1950 She is raped by a robot and a dog.

What She Deserved By Computerdude1950. A man let a film company make a film when his wife´s sister is raped. Very long.

Don´t Rape Me. Rape My Daughter By Jaz1701. Two men kidnap hers daughter and if she not does like they say they will rape hers daughter.

I Know My Daddy Loves Me
Because He Raped Me
By Jaz 1701. His daughter is a cock teaser, for save her he decides to rape her.

Let Us Take Her By Peter Parker. Seven teenagers attacke a 33 year old woman in a cellar.

Let Us Take Her Part 2 By Peter Parker. Christiane is taken to a club.

Veronica By Peter Parker. The boys from "Let Us Take Here" is back, now rapes a police woman.

Britney´s Nightmare 16 year schoolgirl would go to party but three men had a different plan for her.

Road to Rape 19-years schoolboy abduction a schoolgirl. Raped and humiliates her, very strong.

Eva´s Long Run 1 She jogs when two men kidnap her.

Eva´s Long Run 2 She sells as a whore on a bar.

A Friend's Reunion He take a old school friend home without know he is a escaped prisoner. Something his wife and daughter got pay for.

The Job Offer A young man offer his cousin a good job, but first must hers mother and she fuck with him. Not really rape.

Girl Flasher A girl who flash herself for boys in school got more than she asked for.

Monsterrape Odd story, Christiane is gangraped by monster from deep.

The Choice Instead of prison she came to a experimental mental institution, there female inmates is used to learn rapist rapes without harm the woman physical.

Remember Strong story. Brother rapes and humiliates his sister.

Heather and Mel 46 year, big, fat Mel want 19 years Heather.

Heather and the Clowns She meets some clowns on a circus.

Forced to Watch He is forced to watch when two men raped his wife.

Horror Night A 32 years woman kidnapped and raped by 18 boys.

Virgin Rape 15 years girl meets boy on pub, he follow her home.

Forced to Fuck She and two men is in a summerhouse when two intruders come.

The Serialrapist Several rapes

Sleep Rape He rape his best friends wife when she sleep, short

Intruder Intruder break in to 15 years girl.

Raped by His Friends After she had six with a boy, he let his friends take her.

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