Mortal Kombat Gold -- Dreamcast

Blood of the Ages

  • Size: 1 GD-ROM
  • Style: 1 or 2-Player Fighting
  • Special Features: 25 Characters With More Hidden; New Backgrounds from MK 2 & 3; 5 Difficulty Tiers; Weapons, Limb Breaks & Fatalities; Arcade Quality Graphics & Sound
  • Created by: Eurocom for Midway Home Entertainment
  • Available: September 9 for Dreamcast



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mkgold15.jpg (17k) In Mortal Kombat Gold a slew of familiar faces from the past are entering the third dimension to continue the battle against Outworld. Mortal Kombat Gold is an update to the popular arcade game Mortal Kombat 4. Just like Ultimate Mortal Kombat or any Capcom fighter, Midway has expanded the amount of playable characters and has added a few new arenas as well. In MK Gold Baraka, Kung Lao, Cyrax, Mileena, and Katana have returned to the bloody battle field to compete in yet another contest that will lead to death and suffering.

This is the first MK for Dreamcast, and really, you couldn't ask for a better looking game. Right down to the littlest of effects, this fighter just like it does in the arcade. The arenas are ultra crisp in detail, and the animation is as smooth as ever. Speaking of arenas, the new additions modeled after stages in MK 2 and 3 are very cool, not quite as cool as the large blue head that opens and closes its mouth, but pretty awesome nonetheless.

As far as gameplay goes, if you've seen or played any Mortal Kombat game, then you already know its song and dance. There are two punch buttons, two kick buttons, and a heck of a lot of blood shed delivered with each blow. As always, Fatalities play a large role in this saga, butto much dismay, none of the Fatalities or special moves are working for any of the new characters. Surely, Kung Lao will slice and dice with his hat, and Katana and Mileena will go nuts with their weapons, but how gruesome or different these priceless moves will be? We couldn't tell ya. On the Dreamcast controller, the analog stick is ilrelevant as all of the play comes from the directional pad. So players may say that the Dreamcast controller sucks for a game like this, but other than slight discomfort, we didn't have a problem pulling off moves and combos.

Another benefit with the power of Dreamcast is the lack of loading. The most waiting you do is five seconds max. Fatalities appear as quickly as you input the command and moving to stage to stage is as quick as it is on Nintendo 64. Midway has always added in a few surprises toward the end of each MK development, so stay tuned! With each new version that comes our way, we'll add an update. In the mean time...look what we found!!!

Introducing Belokk

Among the twenty-five playable characters, Game Informer has learned that Sektor, Goro, and Noob Saibot are also in the game tucked away as hidden characters. MK Gold also introduces a frightening new face by the name of Belokk. As you can see from the screen shots, this creature looks very cool. Right now, Midway doesn't have any special moves or Fatalities programmed in for this kombatant. We'll keep you posted on any new developments surrounding this mysterious new warrior. For now, enjoy the screens!!!

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