3D Anarchy
by Attitude Software, LLC


3D Anarchy is the web-wide world.  It is an explorable, three-dimensional universe born entirely from people's imaginations... ever changing, and ever growing.  It is an evolving maze of interlinked microcosms, inhabited by travelers and homebodies alike. It is yours to build, and yours to explore.

3D Anarchy gives you the tools.  You define the rules.  The world builder is your paintbrush, and space is your canvas.  Lay your stones, paint your walls, and turn on the lights to welcome in your guests--expect visitors once you open your doors to the worlds of anarchy!

3D Anarchy is an online universe.  You can talk to the avatars you see, through standard IRC.  And your world can be served through ftp or http.  Which means: if your ISP can host an ordinary web page, you can put your 3D Anarchy world on the web.  Everything you need is ready for you to download.  And did we mention this version is free?

Copyright 1998 Attitude Software, LLC. "3D Anarchy" is a registered trademark of Attitude Software, LLC.