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Latest headlines:

Design update Friday, October 08 21:54 GMT +2 | LL-HeLL

I updated the site design a little bit, and I think it looks alot better now. If you find any problems with it, or have any comments, feel free to email me.

8 New shots Friday, October 08 15:02 GMT +2 | LL-HeLL

Well, it seems the pics the CFC had were not very exclusive as they said, and Avault posted 8 new shots of TDR2K (Including the ones the CFC had).
Thanks to Dave for the tip about the new shots on the Avault!

New shots! Wednesday, October 06 23:32 GMT +2 | LL-HeLL

The CFC received two exclusive shots, showing the blue police car, also seen in some of the older shots we had about a month ago. One of the shots is from the rear, and the other is taken from way up in the sky. I don't wanna get the guys at the CFC mad at me for posting one of the pics here with a direct link, so go visit them for the other one!

Car upgrades Monday, October 04 21:03 GMT +2 | LL-HeLL

I just noticed that on the new screenshots you can see the car upgrading method of armor, speed, and offense. Looks just like the one from C2 to me. You can see there are empty squares, squares with empty slots, and squares with filled slots.

Eagle mark V! or is it IV? or VI? Monday, October 04 20:44 GMT +2 | LL-HeLL

The Serialization of a Killer section at SCi have been updated too, and it shows some concept images of how the new model of the eagle would look like. This model looks great! I definatly wouldn't have wanted to meet it face to face in a dark ally. Torus did a great job this time with the change for the 'mood' and the eagle. they both look great! Brings back the happy memories of Carmageddon 1 ;)
Click here and here for the new model concept pics.

New screenshots! Monday, October 04 20:29 GMT +2 | LL-HeLL

SCi released 4 new screenshots showing off the huge improvement made to the overall game 'mood'. I would have uploaded the new screenies to GC server, but we kinda ran out of space ;) click on the thumbs below to get a full blown picture:

In the picture to the far left you can see a wall with doors and windows blocked with those yellow police stripes, and some graffiti is painted on the wall too. On the others you can see demolished building and ruined cars on the road. Really cool, looks just like Carma1!

Pre-release info center Sunday, October 03 00:54 GMT +2 | LL-HeLL

I deleted all the links in the menu that reference to pre-release info, and made a pre-release info center instead. Over there you will find all the links to info, images, movies etc. in one easy to use menu. Comments will be very appreciated.

about that interview Saturday, October 02 01:54 GMT +2 | LL-HeLL

There is a very interesting point in the interview made by Under Ground Master. I noticed it when I did the last update, but forgot to write it:
    " has a different textures for undamaged, damaged and armored..."
What the hell? armored cars? I don't recall SCi or Torus saying anything about armored cars!

Do you?

pre-news Friday, October 01 19:14 GMT +2 | LL-HeLL

Remember when a few day ago, I said Raldwin sent me an email about new info and screenshots that will be released soon? well I've just been told that they will be released on Monday, the 4th of October.
Maybe they'll even have the new eagle for us! Can't wait!

Torus interviewed Friday, October 01 15:15 GMT +2 | LL-HeLL

Under Ground Master from The Carmageddon Service Station had a trip to Melbourne, and interviewed Torus. No new info about the game, since it's mostly about the development.

Under Ground Master also played a short game of TDR2K (I wanna go to Melbourne too!). Here's a short part of it:
    "...we drove off leaving the dead bodies on the ground and we came to a set of traffic lights, they were yellow so we decided to wait, then the ligths turned red and a few pedestrains started to cross the road, we spun the wheels and run over those suckers..."
Read the hole thing Here.

So where do I click... Monday, September 27 21:12 GMT +2 | LL-HeLL

Damn, almost forgot how to update!
I just got an email from Raldwin, saying that the demo will be released close to the actual release date. This means Y2K 2nd quarter. He also said that some new info on the development of TDR2K should come soon. Keep checking back here for the new info, the moment SCi gives it away.


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