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The Vampyre Coven is an international Vampire organization. An Intranet for Vampires, this site focuses on building and preserving the Vampyre community, lifestyle and culture. We provide a place for all vampyres to meet and communicate. This is an open forum for all things vampyric, vampirism as an actual phenomenon and the medical, psychological, psychic, and scientific, cultural or metaphysical explanations for it, including fictional vampires and other ways that vampires have had an effect on society and culture. We will try to accommodate everyone's needs. Whether you are a real life blood drinker, feeder or fetishist, psychic vampire, Vampyre lifestyler, vampire occultist, vampire researcher, a fan of vampire fiction, folklore, myth and legend, confused, or yes, even a role player, you will find something here for you.

Inside are chatrooms, web forums. e-mail discussion lists, classified ads and a personals section. Visit Resurrection, our online and off-line Vampyre nightclub. Send other vampires e-postcards, and browse the members listings and profiles. Free web page hosting for any website of a vampiric nature. Free forwarding e-mail addresses for members. A calendar of Vampyre events, and tracking of vampires in the news and media. A listing of resources and those offering discounts to Coven members on products and events. If you are up to it, get involved in The Cabal, a secret society for those fully enmeshed in the Vampyre culture and society. Vampyre related products: books, complete online e-texts of many vampire classics and articles, vampire music, videos, clothing, jewelry, makeup, and custom Vampyre prosthetics (fangs, contact lenses, claws), ornaments and furniture. Vampyre themed art, literature, music, contests, polls, resources and role playing will all be available as the site grows. We will soon be publising a newsletter and magazine. A search engine and banner exchange system for vampire related websites is available.

Reverend Raphael Osiris
Founder, The Coven Organization

Coven Manifesto
Information about our organization, it's beliefs, it's history and our mission statement.
Coven Chronology
An interactive public calendar of events. You may freely view and post events of interest to Coven members.
Coven Communion
A meeting place for coven members to communicate. Mailing lists, Chatrooms, forums, message boards, classified sections, member contact info lists, etc.
Vampyre Emporium
Books, videos, music, clothing, jewelry and paraphernalia about or of interest to vampyres or created by coven members.
Member Registry
View the list of registered Coven Members and their statements, or apply for membership into The Coven Organization.
Vampyrities TM
(Humanities for Vampyres)
Literature, essays, prose, paintings, illustrations, designs and other aesthetics from the Vampyre community.
Hosted pages of the horde. Coven members who call this site their lair on the web. Enter to find out about hosting options.
The Cabal TM
The Coven Ruling Congress, Vampyre Conspirators, Synod, Constabulary, Secret Society and Inner Circle Members only.
Webrings, Awards, Praise
The rings that we are in, links to other pages and pages that link to us. Awards that this site has won.
Resources in the Mundane
Venues (havens), supported fang technicians, dentists, doctors and employers that are pro-Vampyre.

Notable Affiliate Member Webpages
(These sites are independently maintained by their owners and do not necessarily represent the express views of The Coven Organization)

Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page is a site designed for those who are or may be blood-drinkers, psychic vampires / energy vampires, and vampyre lifestylers in order to give support and guidance to individuals who display vampiric tendencies, the real-life vampires, individuals who have a craving for blood or psychic energy.

Psi-Vamp Pages: Dedicated to those with an energy deficiency, it is one of the only existing sites on the internet dealing with the subject of newly awakened Psi-Vamps. Deals with abilities such as dream lucidly, astral projection, manipulation of chakras, empathic abilities and how and why to feed pranic energy off of people nature, etc.

Hollys Haven Vampire Page: Extensive information on vampirism from various cultures around the world. Various theories, explanations and stories are explored. Includes information on blood, porphyria and more.

Darkside Damnation: Interviews with the Darkside: Contains interviews with the more known characters on the Web. Those of a Dark they Vampiric, Satanic, Musical Anything pertaining to Darkness.

The Abyssmal Times The damned zine for the damned community. Features interviews with dark artists and webmasters, poetry, bitchings and more.

Csejthe Castle: This extensive site that deals with The Blood Countess Erzs�bet B�thory (1560-1614) of Hungary who tortured and killed 612 peasant girls and bathed in their blood in her quest for eternal beauty. Contains an excellent page on blood and blood fetishism.

To see more member sites, and to get your own FREE 12MB CoffinBox webspace, visit our Hosting Page.

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