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03. October 1999
N e w s

Interview Submissions | Sunday., October 2, 1999
Since news has been slow lately, I figure it's time for another installment of our Ongoing Interview with Mark Webley. So, if you have any console related questions to ask about Black & White, send them in to be used in the interview.

Molyneux Talks PS2 | Monday., September 13, 1999

Found this quote on the Wire--here's a snippet;

"PlayStation2 represents an ideal platform for developing the next generation of computer gaming. The leading edge graphics system is far superior to anything else. Also, importantly for European development, is PlayStation2's focus on Emotion enabling us to concentrate on producing unique titles worthy of this stunning hardware achievement."

There's more where that came from over at our Console section...

Dreamcast Review | Monday., September 13, 1999

The Black & White Console's review of Sega's Dreamcast system is now on-line. Read it now!

Dreamcast | Thursday., September 9, 1999

Today is the day many of us have been waiting for; Sega's launch of their highly anticipated Dreamcast machine! I'm sure the people at Sega are rolling in cash by now... Dreamcast pre-orders are estimated to be the highest for any console launch. I should have a review of the system up sometime in the near future.

Webley Interview | Thursday., September 9, 1999

I've updated our 'Ongoing Interview with Mark Webley' section... Part 3 has been added, detailing the company's future plans.

DC/PS2 Info | Friday., August 20, 1999

For those of you who are not up to speed on the new gaming systems in development by Sega and Sony, I found some interesting sites on both at Videogames.com. There's a little bit about everything in these things. The Dreamcast section can be found here and the Playstation 2 section is over here.

Interview | Thursday., August 19, 1999

Just letting you know I've updated the Mark Webley interview with a couple more questions. For those of you too lazy to read the post below, the interview can be found here. And, Once again, visit the Console section for more B&W console related articles.

New Design | Wednesday., August 17, 1999

Well, I've finally implemented the new design... Thanks to non for the new look. I've added part of "an Ongoing Interview with Mark Webley" to the site. You can see it by following this link or by using the the Console section which can be found on the menu to your right.

Playstation 2 Internet Support | Tuesday., August 3, 1999

In fear of having my ass kicked by non and the rest, I figured I should probably update the site.  This isn't exactly B&W related, but it does make me wonder why Lionhead isn't porting to the PS2.  Follow this link to see what I'm talking about. 

Lack of Updates | Wednesday., July 21, 1999
Please excuse the recent lack of updates...  I've been out west for the last two and a half weeks.  As the only staff member at the moment, this poses a problem for the site.  So, once again, if anyone is interested in helping out with the site, give me a holler.


More Dreamcast Debate | Tuesday., June 22, 1999
Though Lionhead has spoken little about the console versions of their game, the B&W community can't seem to keep it off their minds.  Once again, the topic is Dreamcast  and the question of its superiority/inferiority to the PC.  The post can be found here on the Lionhead message boards. 

Console Question from Lionhead | Sunday., June 20, 1999
It seems the tables have turned on the Wire's message board.  non and the rest have given Lionhead the chance to ask the B&W community some questions.  Among these was one concerning the age old question of console vs. PC.  Console lovers, get over there and tell em' what you think!  The question reads as follows; 

"Q: Do you spend more time playing PC games or Console Game? 
 Q: Is your favorite game from the last 2 years a Console game or a PC Game - and what is it.?" 

This and many other question from LH can be found by following this link.

Gameboy Gone Cellular | Sunday., June 20, 1999

Saw this over at Videogames.com and found it rather interesting; 

"Nintendo of Japan announced today at an analyst meeting that it will release Game Boy games that can be downloaded through a cellular phone." 

Apparently, players will also be able to compete in an on-line fashion through some sort of a cellular network.  Click here for the rest of the article.   

More Message Board Discussion | Sunday., June 13, 1999
Guy by the name of NewJorg is interested in chatting about a possible Dream cast version on the Lionhead message board.  He has received one reply so far from astonish; 

"Current plans are to have a dreamcast version (If Paul gets those scsi connections going). It will be identical to the PC version in gameplay, but will lack a few of the graphic details" 

Get in on the conversation here. 

Message Board Discussion | Monday., June 7, 1999
For anyone interested, there are some in-depth console discussions going on at the Lionhead message board.  The first pertains to B&W's port and the second is about Sony's new Emotion engine.  Thanks to Niceguy for this. 

Molyneux on Consoles | Sunday., June 6, 1999
I have been directed to a brief article on the Wire concerning the various console versions of B&W; 

"a design group called Black&White light is working on [the console version] already. But this is a very limited version of the game. The essence is the same but they will have to make cuts from the game." 

For the rest of the article, visit the console section of the site

Help Wanted | Sunday., June 6, 1999
The site is now nearing completion, so it's time to find a crew.  I'm currently looking for someone who can run a weekly poll for the site as well as a dedicated individual who can play journalist and help with the news.  If you match either description, please contact me. 
Next Generation Articles | Saturday., June 5, 1999
While the Black & White console front has remained quiet for quite some time, Next Generation has not one but two brief articles on the various consoles Black & White will be released on, and a mention of a Dream Cast version.  Peter Molyneux lends his input as well. These articles have been added to the console section as well. 

Welcome | Thursday., June 3, 1999
Greetings and welcome to the Black & White Console, the Internet's only source of news and information regarding console versions of Lionhead Studios' upcoming title, Black & White.  I would like to extend my gratitude to our gracious host, the Black & White Wire as well as Darren Wong and non for additional design work.  Currently, Black & White is scheduled to be released on the Sony Playstation, Sega Dreamcast, and Gameboy Colour videogame consoles.  Since the game is still far from release, there is little news or info regarding the console versions of the product.  Rest assured that as soon as such information because available, the Black & White Console will be the first to bring it to you.  




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