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First Pan-Armenian Games; Yerevan 28 August - 5 September 1999
This is a declaration taken from the Pan-Armenian Games website, it is a little dated, but should provide some background for those interested in learning about these games:

OF THE PAN-ARMENIAN GAMES WORLD COMMITTEE outcome of the WCPAG Second Session - Yerevan, October 20-22, 1998

Preparation for holding the First Pan-Armenian Games is nearing a decisive period. The Games received official state support. A governmental organizing committee has been created the chairmanship of Mr. Armen Darbinyan, Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia. The exact days for holding the First Pan-Armenian Games have been confirmed. They will be held from August 28 until September 5, 1999 in Yerevan.

Taking into consideration Armenia's current situation, only 16 city teams for each kind of sport including football, basketball and volleyball will participate in the Pan-Armenian Games, as similar to the Olympic Games. The World Committee will select these 16 teams from various cities, based on their athletic standing and their geographical location. There is no limit on the number of cities which can send athletes for individual sports.
The World Committee is appealing to each city to carry out preliminary competitions in team and individual sports in order to draw the largest possible number of youths to attend the First Pan-Armenian Games and to select the best athletes to take part in the Games in Yerevan.
The teams will parade under the flag of the city which they represent. When non exists, team will use the Pan-Armenian Games flag with their city name in Armenian and the Latin alphabet on either side of the logo. The participants uniforms will depict the Pan-Armenian Games emblem and their city's name in Armenian and the Latin. According to international rules, the sponsoring company's name can also appear on the uniforms, but it must not be larger than the logo of the Games. Any other emblems, inscriptions or markings are not allowed.
Attached to this Declarationis the First Pan-Armenian Games' programme and its game-holding system for each kind of sport.

The second session of the Pan-Armenian Games World Committee, which was held in Yerevan, has adopted the following important organizational decisions. Famous singer, Charles Aznavour, was elected as an honorary member of the World Committee. Eminent Diasporan sports figure and WCPAG Executive Committee member, Mr. Hrant Bardakjian (Toronto), was elected Vice-President of the World Committee. World Committee member, Mr. Albert Boyajian (Los Angeles), was appointed President of the Pan-Armenian Games Fund. Armenian sports organizational structures of the World Committee will appoint two alternative members to attend the Committee's session when regular members can not attend for the sake of continuity. The fourth WCPAG Executive Committee's meeting will be held in Yerevan March 8-9, 1999. The third session of the World Committee will be held on May 20-22, 1999 in Beirut (Lebanon).
For the success of the Games, the assistance of sponsors is necessary. The World Committee welcomes to every organizations, corporate and individual persons to sponsoring the First Pan-Armenian Games.
The World Committee is inviting all those who desire to present the Cup to the First Pan-Armenian Games' team-winners and to also present prizes - preferably watches - to the Games' individual winners to make arrangements with the World Committee.
The World Committee is calling on all Armenian businessmen to take part in supporting and helping the First Pan-Armenian Games' reference-guide book by placing their advertisements in it. The reference-guide book will be spread in the countries of the world, free of charge. Advertising information can be obtained from the World Committee's Secretariat and also from the Embassies, Missions and Consulates general of the Republic of Armenia abroad.
The First Pan-Armenian Games promises to be a memorable festival of Armenian youths, sports and culture in the passing millennium.
The Games are also important in taking us toward the third millennium and the forthcoming celebration of the 1700th anniversaryof accepting Christianity in Armenia. The success of the First Pan-Armenian Games will ensure the continued unity of all Armenians and especialy the youth in both Armenia and the Diaspora near and far. It is also integral for the propagation of our heritage which we are all proud of now and for generations to came.

Yerevan, December 11, 1998


Designer: Haroutiun Samuelian
58/40mm, Offset

First Day Cover
Designer: Haroutiun Samuelian

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