February 8


   Role Playing Games
: Rage of Mages
  Over the centuries, many a high-spirited Hero has set out on the quest for the magical weapon that will break the devastating cycle of war. But the mysterious island of Uimoir, which harbors the only hope for victory and redemption, has become a Hero's graveyard. Six hundred years have passed, and adventurer after adventurer simply disappears into the island's cold heart of darkness.

But a new generation is willing to take up the desperate challenge again, buoyed with courage and a deep belief in the quest. Moved by their commitment in the face of terrible odds, the court magician decides to equip these new adventurers with a priceless and powerful amulet. But now a new misfortune is about to enter the world along with your expedition.

Rage of Mages features:

  • Over 300 types of weapons, armor, spells, and potions
  • Hoards of enemies and creatures
  • 25+ Branching missions
  • True 3D terrain, real-time lighting
  • Characters display appropriate armor/weapons
  • Advanced enemy AI
  • Multiplayer with up to 16 people

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