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Here are a few of my stories, at least the ones I'm somewhat able to admit I wrote without cringing. The rest are on the Gossamer Project anyway, so it's not like you can't read them. :-)

I use the Gossamer standards for categories, ratings, etc. "Timeline" is when the story is set.

Warning: I have a somewhat odd style of writing, vague and tending towards obscure quotes, projecting my opinion apon the characters, angsty more often than not. Read at your own risk. *g*

Disclaimer: The X-Files and all associated characters are copyright FOX and 1013. I write these stories just for fun, because I have no life. Please don't sue me. :-)

You Must Love Me
Posted: 1/13/97
Timeline: sometime in the future
Spoilers: none
Category: short story, angst, MSR
Rating: G
Additional Disclaimer: You Must Love Me is sung by Madonna from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Evita. No infringement intended.
Summary: Scully approaches Mulder on what happens next when Samantha is found.

Creative Differences
Posted: sometime after Gethsemane
Timeline: sometime after Gethsemane
Spoilers: oddly enough, Gethsemane
Category: vignette, humour, MS UST
Rating: PG (one swear, I think)
Summary: Frustrated, Allyna uses her powers as a fanfic author to display her opinion about the show.

For The Life Of Me
Posted: 5/10/97
Timeline: between Memento Mori and Redux I & II
Spoilers: Memento Mori
Category: short story, mega-angst, MS UST
Rating: PG-13 for language
Additional Disclaimer: Apologies to Robert Frost.
Summary: Of love and betrayal and what is yours to give.

Posted: beats me :-)
Timeline: pretty much anytime
Spoilers: Tooms, refference to the infamous stake-out scene
Category: vignette, MSR but NoRomo safe (not like I expect there's any of them around)
Rating: PG
Summary: Scully finally approaches Mulder on one of the discrepancies in their relationship.

Fighting The Inevitable
Posted: Actually, it never was. This is the first time this story's been on the net.
Timeline: I guess anytime in the future.
Spoilers: Memento Mori (Is there really anyone left on the planet who doesn't know Scully had you-know-what disease?)
Category: short story, Scully/other *GASP*, MS friendship *DOUBLE GASP*, dash of MulderAngst
Rating: PG
Summary: Mulder faces sharing Scully.

I Don't Know How To Love Him
Posted: June 1998
Timeline: during The End
Spoilers: believe it or not, The End!
Category: vignette, huge ScullyAngst, one-way-not-acted-on MSR
Rating: PG
Additional Disclaimer: I Don't Know How To Love Him is from Jesus Christ, Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Summary: Scully's thoughts on her partnership with Mulder and whether she can still trust him.

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