November 28, 1998

Demise of Shri P.N.Haksar

The following is a message from the President, Shri K.R.Narayanan on the passing away of Shri P.N.Haksar:

"Shri P.N. Haksar has left us. One of the brightest stars in the galaxy of the Nehru era has gone out.

A 'rishi' in his wisdom and learning, an original thinker on political and social affairs, Haksar Sahib was one of modern India's foremost conscience keepers. He was an eloquent champion of secularism who interpreted it with conviction in the context of India's philosophical traditions and modern compulsions. Sensitive to the condition of the common man, he espoused the cause of social justice as a pre-requisite of our democracy. While a man of thought, Shri Haksar had an effective sense of reality and his practical contributions to Indian political and economic developments were of crucial importance in critical situations of our post-independent history.

I, among his many friends and admirers, have lost a guide, a counsellor and friend, the like of who comes but rarely in a life time.



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