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Support & Forums MTC's Survivor forums

Mind Control Forum This is the new location for Ed Light's famous Mind Control Forum. Ed retired this year and now MTC is hosting his site to continue his work.

SRA/MC Resources Information & Resources Online
Survivor Community & Safety MPD/DID Resources DID Information and Resources Online MTC's Reference List See what survivor's are saying about MTC
Virtual Memorial Site

Mind Control & Cult Trauma Public Forum

Teddy Bear's Picnic We site for littles/pre-teens.

Journey of the Soul

Ritual Trauma & Mind Control Forum -Closed forum, only open by invitation and screening

Inside Teens Forum
Resources (offline) MTC Bookstore Books on SRA/RA and Mind Control Missing Children

Web Rings

About MTC

Awards Page
MTC's Disclaimer

MTC's Courage Award

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The More Than Conquerors (MTC) Website, forums, and list servs are owned, managed and supervised by a volunteer staff of survivors.  MTC is a resource for survivors, not therapy. MTC does not provide crisis intervention and persons in crisis must seek help from local support persons, local mental health professionals and, when appropriate, local law enforcement.