SpotLight Search CGI

Web Site Search CGI for Macintosh Servers

SpotLight is a web site indexer and CGI that's easy to use, fast, and flexible.

Make your Macintosh server searchable with SpotLight.

SpotLight 1.0.1 released 1/13/97
This new version of SpotLight includes a faster CGI, greater customizability, and other new features.

If you're already using SpotLight 1.0, you can download the SpotLight 1.0.1 upgrader.

Download a 30-day demo version

See it in action on this server.

Check out a sample screen shot.

SpotLight works with Filemaker Pro and Userland Frontier to index and search your web site.

A single-machine license costs $99. More pricing and ordering information is included with the download.

About SpotLight
A list of SpotLight features.

Download Demo
Download a 30-day demo version of SpotLight.

User's Guide
Check out the SpotLight User's Guide on-line.

Cool Sites
Visit the sites of SpotLight users.

Press Release
Read the original SpotLight announcement.

For SpotLight users: a mailing list with a searchable archive, extras, and help.
Extending SpotLight with add-on scripts.

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Web site production.

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