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Lehrveranstaltungen WS 1999/2000:

Lehrveranstaltung SoSe 1999: (Semester: 6.4.99 - 23.7.99, 2 SWS, Übung im Hauptstudium im V308)

Diplomarbeit/M.Sc. thesis: Using Spectral Mixture Analysis (SMA, Linear unmixing) in GRASS (new modules: i.tm.radiance, i.corr.radiance, i.spec.unmix) I tried to derive soil covering by vegetation from LANDSAT satellite images for erosion modelling. Before "unmixing" the spectral signatures, the satellite images were atmosphere and terrain normalized using the 6S atmosphere model (Vermote, E. et al. 1997: Laboratoire d'Optique Atmospherique, Lille/ GSFC NASA). Here is an SMA example (one result layer = fraction image) showing unvegetated soil (fraction image left from spring 1995) and the corresponding NDVI (right). The endmembers (reference spectra) can be derived from the image itself using the nice data visualization tool xgobi (from 1998). It can display k-dimensional data through parallel coordinates display window (here used for displaying vegetation and soils spectra).

Feb. 1999: Thesis finished...: Table of contents - Abstract - Presentation


Beside that I am one of the coordinators of GRASS GIS development.
This software is a fully featured raster, vector and point data geographical information system (GIS). It is distributed for free in the internet. I am one  of  the coordinators in the "GRASS Development Team" at Baylor University, Waco, Texas.

Current GRASS projects:

  • Have a look onto the GRASS Europe pages. Get there the (freely distributed) GRASS GIS software package.
  • A project I have started in 1997 is GDP - the GRASS Documentation Project. You find a collection of GRASS tutorials, reports etc. there.
  • WWW Online GIS: GRASSLinks (german version - english version) - a GRASS interface to Internet
  • - (new Nov. 1998)
  • Erosion modelling: Get the AGNPS 5.0 erosion model with GRASS interface
  • Image processing: Some examples on classification of aerial images with GRASS 21. August 1998
  • Image processing: Stereo visualization with GRASS: An examples with stereo aerial photos from SPEARFISH dataset 8. September 1998

  • What else is going on?
    Beside that I am trying to keep the German library catalogs pages up to date - Bibliotheken, Bücher und Berichte (1994 - today)
  • New project started 1998: Physische Geographie in der Praxis: Presentation of geographical workpapers and abstracts in internet (server contruction for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geographie - DGFG - German Geographical Society)
  • Geodata online: List of freely downloadable geo dataset
  • .... sometimes private life (well, keep the secret)

  • Published computer software:
  • Byars, B.W., S.F. Clamons, M. Neteler, J. Bouchard, H. Mitasova, W. Brown, and J. Westervelt, 1999, GRASS 5.0: Center for Applied Geographic and Spatial Research (CAGSR), Baylor University, Waco, TX
  • Bouchard, J., M. Neteler 1998/1999: TclTKGRASS - a graphical user interface for GRASS based on Tcl/TK library
  • Neteler, M., J. Bouchard, B.W. Byars, S.F. Clamons, H. Mitasova, W. Brown, and J. Westervelt, 1998, GRASS 4.2.1: Physische Geographie und Landschaftsökologie. University of Hannover
  • Recent presentations:

  • Spectral Mixture Analysis and atmosphere/terrain correction of LANDSAT images for erosion modelling using GRASS.
    Presentation at ITC-IRST, Trento, 20. Aug. 1999
  • Advances in the GRASS system: state of the GRASS 5 development and the new GRASS libraries.
    Presentation at ITC-IRST, Trento, 23. Aug. 1999
  • A few publications:

  • Neteler, M. (1999): Das GRASS-Handbuch. Ein problemorientierter Leitfaden zum Geographischen Informationssystem GRASS. 4. Aufl., Hannover. 164 Seiten. (A GRASS beginners tutorial in German language)
  • R. Joe Brandon, Trevor Kludt and Markus Neteler (1999): Archaeology and GIS--The Linux Way. Using GRASS and Linux to analyze archeological data. Published in: Linux Journal July 1999 (ISSN 1075-3583)
  • Neteler, M., B. Byars (1998): Informationen zu GRASS 4.2.1 (in German language)
  • Byars, B., M. Neteler, S. Clamons, S. Cherry (1998): GRASS 4.2 Fact Sheet. Waco, U.S.A. (in PDF-Format)
  • Neteler, M. (1998): Das GRASS-Handbuch. 3rd ed., Hannover. 140 pages. (A GRASS beginners tutorial in German language)
  • Neteler, M. (1998): Introduction to GRASS GIS Software. 2nd ed., Hannover. (A GRASS beginners tutorial in English language)
  • Stillger, H., M. Redslob & M. Neteler (1998): Entwicklung des GIS-Seminars.- In: Institut für Landschaftspflege und Naturschutz, Universitüt Hannover (Hrsg.): Tätigkeitsbericht 1997, Hannover, S. 31-37

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