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  • 28/7/99: This page has not been updated since a long time. In fact I did not work on the project too much. 
  • But now I am beginning to continue this project. I hope it will be ended in something like 3 months. It will not use those SSFCDs nor memory chips from Samsung, so the content of this page will not be useful. 

  • 8/7/97: I have relased the code for the PIC16C55, since I will not be avaiable during this summer, so programers can test something if they want. Note that there might be some bugs is the code, read the documentation for this. Note also that there was some minor hardware changes (read the doc for this) and there is a new schematic that uses the 4MBit version.



    While I couldn't find any vendor that had still the NM29A080 serial flash EEPROM chip used in the Expander SF by Mel Tsai, I looked for a way to use another chip. Note however that what is presented here It hasn't been made nor tested yet; I'm waiting to recieve the chip.  

    I found a full range of flash EEPROMS at Samsung. I'm thinking to use the 32MBit and 64MBit versions(while all others can also work with the same hardware). A PIC16C57 will be used as an interface between the calc an the memory. I haven't yet written a single code of the PIC program, but if it was relativily small (I doubt..) it could fit in a PIC16C55.  


    Here is the basic schematic: I think that the hardware will not be changed until the final version, but if someone want to build it now and wait for the final release, I can't promise him... (Note: I forgot to draw the Crystal resonator of the PIC16C57)  


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    Author : Sami Khawam