Dates and Times of Day
each year for 1096 years

1452 - 2547

Listed for four time zones and in two calendars

Spring Equinox 1452 - 1811

Spring Equinox 1788 - 2211

Spring Equinox 2188 - 2547

From 1452 to 2547: 
the  earliest spring equinox is March 19, 2496, at 12:28 pm U.T.
                                                    8:28 am A.S.T.
                                                    7:28 am E.S.T.
                                                    4:28 am P.S.T.

and the latest spring equinox is March 21, 1503, at 8:42 pm U.T. 
                                                    4:42 pm A.S.T.
                                                    3:42 pm E.S.T.
                                                   12:42 pm P.S.T.

There is a remarkable pattern in the dates and times of day of the Spring Equinox, but this pattern is almost impossible to discern by reading the columns of numbers which record these dates and times. The pattern becomes plain when one looks at a graph showing the dates and times. The graph is plotted with calendar years along the horizontal axis and, along the vertical axis, time of day and day of March at which the equinox occurs in each year.
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