Dr. David A. Daly's Background

David Daly was a moderately severe stutterer throughout elementary school, high school, and college.  Before receiving successful speech treatment at the age of 23 from a dedicated and knowledgeable clinician, he was rejected for jobs and turned turn by the military because of his stuttering.  One of his most painful memories was struggling for almost two minutes trying to say "I do" when he got married.

While working on a master's degree he met Dr. Eugene B. Cooper who agreed to help him with his speech.  Dr. Cooper was the first speech-language pathologist who did not insist that David would always be a stutterer.  Instead he said something like, "I don't know how fluent you might eventually become. Why don't we work together and see?"

These words of encouragement,  together with the dedication, knowledge,  and commitment offered by this caring clinician, changed David's attitude towards his speech.   Stuttering was viewed as a challenge rather than a curse.  During therapy he began to believe in himself.  Diligent practice resulted into more fluent speech and increased confidence.

The treatment process took time.  Fluency gains were occasionally lost and additional work was needed to gain them again.  But the thrill of being able to order in a restaurant, to use the telephone, to introduce acquaintances, and to make speeches at national meetings without fear was unbelievable.

After working as a speech-language clinician in the schools for a year,  David decided to pursue a doctorate specializing in stuttering disorders.  His goal was to obtain the skills and knowledge to help other persons who stuttered.  He obtained his doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology from Pennsylvania State University and then taught at the Medical School campus of the University of Alabama in Birmingham for five years.

In 1973 he was appointed director of the University of Michigan's residential summer camp for stutterers, Shady Trails.  Hundreds of youngsters who stuttered benefited from his clinical and research studies conducted during his years as director.  He has been a professor at The University of Michigan for 25 years, serving as director of the speech clinic, the residential aphasia clinic, and chairperson of the academic program. 

Dr. Daly's professional career has focused primarily on children and adults with fluency disorders.  He has written dozens of research articles, several chapters, and two books on stuttering, both published by LinguiSystems, Inc.:

The Freedom of Fluency: An Inspiring Program To Promote Fluency in Adolescents and Adults (1988)

The Source For Stuttering and Cluttering (1996)

After earning a grade of "D" in a college speech course (because of his stuttering), Dr. Daly is especially proud to have presented his research and clinical findings on stuttering at national and state conventions in almost every State of the Union and in several foreign countries.  He is actively involved in motivational presentations to groups and businesses across the country.

In 1979, Dr. Daly opened a private practice specializing in fluency disorders.  This year marks 20 years of service to children and adults who stutter.  His goal remains the same today as it was in 1979:

"To help every child and adult stutterer we see to become as fluent as it is physically possible for them to become. No promises of a cure; no guarantee - but a commitment to offer the finest, most professional services to treat stuttering available anywhere in the world."

Among the Honors Awarded Dr. Daly are:

FELLOW of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

CHARTER MEMBER of the International Fluency Association

PRESIDENT of both the Michigan and Alabama Speech-Language-Hearing Associations

FELLOW of the Academy of Learning Disabilities

KEYNOTE  SPEAKER at the meetings of the National Stuttering Project and SpeakEasy International.

Brief History of SPEECHMASTERS, Inc.

In 1990, Dr. Daly also began offering services to individuals who desired help in giving speeches and formal presentations.  His many years studying strategies for overcoming fears and anxieties which people who stutter dealt with, afforded him the knowledge and expertise of assisting other individuals who were anxious or phobic about public speaking.

He began offering such services through SPEECHMASTERS, Inc., a company he founded to assist executives and others who find themselves needing help in sharpening their verbal presentation skills.  Many business people, lawyers, newscasters, ministers, etc. have found Dr. Daly's ability to help them improve their formal communication skills exceedingly beneficial to their careers.

    Below are a sample of testimonials shared by indivduals familar with Dr. Daly's services:

    "I make my living speaking.  In 1992, my voice was nearly nonexistant.  I'd worn it out because of poor speaking habits.  Dr. Daly's analysis and recommendations helped me regain a dynamic speaking voice and raised my self-confidence again. Today my voice is better than ever."

    Curtis VanVoorhees, President

    Quality Leadership 2020

    E-mail: vanvoorhees@exit33.com

    "In my twenty years of practice as a public school speech-language pathologist, I have purchased more than a few different books and programs about remediation of stuttering problems.  Your methods, Dr. Daly, are the first that have worked consistently for my clients and me.  The book and tapes which explain your methods are clear and easy to use . . . Thank you for sharing your talents with us through your books and tapes."

    Sally F. K. Poore, SLP

    Rockwood, MI

    E-mail: starport@tdi.net

Whether you are interested in treatment for stuttering or desire to become a more accomplished speaker, help is available through Daly's Speech and Language Center or  SPEECHMASTERS, Inc. 

Dr. Daly encourages you to live your dreams.  Whether you desire smoother speech or more proficient presentations skills we are ready to help you take the necessary steps to get there.  Feel free to call for more information at (248) 474-2244.

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