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Headline News - Updated: 5:26:24 PM

Apple Maintains Top Education Spot
Apple today confirmed that it holds the number one position in sales to the U.S. Education market as shown by recent data from leading Education market research firms, including Quality Education Data (QED) and International Data Corp. (IDC). Apple further stated that Dell's recent claims of being the Education sales leader rely upon vendor and channel surveys which do not fully account for Apple's large direct sales to the U.S. Education market.

Email Merge version 1.8 Released
Email Merge is a program for the Mac OS for creating mailings of individualized email messages. It takes a database and an email message, and combines the two to create customized email messages.
Sig Software

EZQuest introduces theBoa FireWire CDRW
EZQuest, Inc. USA announced today the release of it's Boa FireWire 4x4x24 and 6x4x24 CDRW drives.

Font Reserve 2.5 Released
Font Reserve 2.5 now includes Action WYSIWYG from Power On Software, a new font menu manager which allows you to organize your application font menus by grouping them together by family, display the fonts in their actual typefaces and much more.
Diamond Soft

MacSoft ships Design and Print Studio for Mac
Design and Print Studio is the fastest and easiest way to create stunning designs. Create professional-quality greeting cards, calendars, postcards, signs and more in just minutes.

Pagoo for Mac Delivers the Only Internet Call Waiting Service to Keep Home Mac Users From Missing Phone Calls
Pagoo Call Catcher's "Virtual Second Line" service brings another first to the Mac compatible market SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 2, 1999-- Pagoo.com, a leading provider of IP-based (Internet Protocol) voice communication services, today became the only company offering an Internet call waiting service for the Mac. With an estimated 90% of iMac users connected to the Internet, Pagoo Call Catcher(TM) for Macintosh now enables every user who accesses the Internet through a Macintosh and a single phone line, for the first time, to ``catch'' important phone calls that would otherwise have been lost to a busy signal. ``We are the leading provider of virtual second line and message management services to PC users and we are now the first company to provide those same services to Macintosh users,'' stated Philippe Piernot, VP of Product Development at Pagoo. ``We are delivering the ideal product for connected users that clearly adds to Apple customers' Internet experience.'' ``The incredible success of iMac has opened a whole new world for Internet-based software developers on the Macintosh platform,'' said Clent Richardson, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. ``Pagoo Call Catcher is an excellent addition to the growing number of consumer products and services available to the Mac community.''

RealNetworks has been secretly collecting user data on their Windoz only Jukebox player
The company said it made nothing but an ``honest mistake.'' The incident involving the popular RealJukebox digital music player highlights how easy it is for companies to collect detailed, personal information over the Internet without consumers' knowledge, privacy advocates said. It also illustrates the weaknesses in industry-backed programs that certify whether Web sites meet standards for handling users personal information. One of the leading privacy programs, Cupertino-based TRUSTe, certified RealNetworks' privacy practices.
San Jose mercury News

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MacHome Feature Stories

Tips of the Titans
Of course you know know that in Mac OS 8.5 or later, holding down the Apple key when clicking in a Finder window will change the familiar arrow cursor to a hand. And that you can drag the contents of said window up and down, side to side, and all around as long as you hold the key down. Didn't you? Well, now you know. Try it out. Go ahead. We'll wait.
E3 Phone Home
So, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) has come and gone, and what a show it was. The annual event showcases the biggest and baddest video gaming technology out there, and this year's show in Los Angeles (May 13-15) was the biggest and baddest yet. The Expo is the perfect example of just how big gaming has become.
Of Pirates and Pioneers
Pirates of Silicon Valley paints Steve Jobs as a dreamer who sees what he believes and Bill Gates as a realist who believes what he sees. It also portrays them both as thieves. Fact or fiction? We ask the film's writer/director Martin Burke.

MacHome's Tip of the Day

Protect Folders

If you worry about your kids accidentally disabling the family Mac, you can protect both the System Folder and the Applications folder by checking the Folder Protection option in the General Controls control panel. That'll prevent files in those folders from being moved.

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