November 2, 1999

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Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine
Step aside Lara Croft, the original tomb raider is back.
»full PC preview article
  Gearhead: Auto GPS Systems: Don't Leave Home Without One
ForMen news: Carin, Clarion, and Magellan square off.

Pokemon Stadium
N64 preview: New info and movies of Nintendo's upcoming monster bash. Gotta watch 'em all!

X-Men: The Movie
Sci-fi comics: Everything you want to know, and more than you should.

IGN Movies news: A first look at Cyclops' visor in the forthcoming X-Men flick.


IGN Games
 Omikron Coming to the Dreamcast?
Dreamcast news: The game deemed too tough for PlayStation could make an appearance on Sega's system

Aero Dancing F
Dreamcast preview: CRI makes some major changes for the sequel to Aero Wings. Get all the images and details inside.

Resident Evil 2 To Hit Europe?
Dreamcast news: If what we've heard is true, Europeans could see Capcom's re-release in no time!

Knockout Kings 2000
PSX review: A cleaner presentation and a new array of punches make this year's KK a smashing hit.

Dynamite Cop
Dreamcast review: This game has one big flaw: it gets old fast. Like 20 minutes fast. Do you still want to buy it?

Omikron's Soul Belongs to the Future
PSX news: As the PC version hits the market, Eidos considers aiming its morphing French epic at PS2 and DC.

Seaman Celebrates Christmas
Dreamcast news: Get the details on how you can celebrate Christmas with the wacky fish-dude

Space Invaders
Pocket review: How did Activision and Crawfish do in bringing a brand new edition of the classic to the Game Boy?

PSX review: Painfully engaging and maddeningly time-consuming, this new puzzler hits the spot.

New Details on Roomania #203
Dreamcast news: First Fish Man simulations, now roommate simulations! Sheesh!

IGN For Men
IGN Movies news: A first look at Cyclops' visor in the forthcoming X-Men flick.

WWF RAW: November 1, 1999
ForMen news: It's anarchy and chaos, DX style, this week in the WWF

Where's IGN TV?
ForMen news: The scoop, the skinny, the rundown on the demise.

Tough Love: The Other Man
ForMen news: She wants one hot night with him -- but what if her husband finds out?

Bonus Ask Leah: Guilty Pleasure
ForMen news: Masturbation feels so good... but then it makes him feel so bad!

 Ellis Becomes an X-Man
comics: The prolific writer joins the X-Universe as "plotmaster" of three titles.

Jason X vs. Freddy vs. Jason
movies: Which of the dueling Friday the 13th projects will end up on the big screen?

Avengers Assemble...Again
comics: Issue #27 will introduce yet another new line-up.

Movies so Bad You Shouldn't Watch Them Sober
movies: A beautiful scientists sleeps her way back into the Old West.

IGN Contests
 Interplay and Aureal
PC: Win a SciFi Video Library, a copy of Interplay's Freespace 2, a Vortex 2 SQ2500 sound card & Freespace 2 Strategy Secrets

Aureal Inc. and Red Orb Entertainment
PC: Win the Prince of all Sound Packages - Altec Landsing Dolby Digital Speakers, Vortex2 SQ2500 soundcards and copies of Prince of Persia.

Rockstar Games
PC: GTA2 is here! Enter to win a copy of the game, a pair of Motorola two-way talk radios, a GTA2 branded Club, GTA2 posters, limited edition t-shirts, enhanced CD soundtracks and more!

PC: Win Eidos' Thief Gold and Revenant, a shopping spree in the Eidos store & more. 16 winners, lots of prizes, click now to enter!

PC: Win an Omikron: The Nomad Soul Survival Kit each weekday for 30 days. Includes the PC game, Strategy Guide, Bowie's Hours and lots more!

PSX: It's a Resident Evil Giveaway. Click to win a Sony PlayStation console, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, RE: Director's Cut, RE: 2 and RE action figures!

Rockstar Games
PSX: GTA2 is here! Enter to win a copy of the game, a pair of Motorola two-way talk radios, a GTA2 branded Club, GTA2 posters, limited edition t-shirts, enhanced CD soundtracks and more!

N64: Win the Golden Limited Edition official Nintendo controller, GoldenEye DVD and Nintendo's GoldenEye 007.

N64: Win a Donkey Kong Special Edition N64 with 3 Banana - yellow controllers!

GT Interactive
N64: We've got 12 Duke Nukem: Zero Hour Prize Packs - and we're giving away 2 a week for 6 weeks!

Dreamcast: Unable to attend the Sega Mobile Assault Tour? Click now to win goodies from the Tour: Dreamcast console, Sega Tour Jacket and IGN.com laptop bags.

Pocket: It's a Pokémon Madness Giveaway! Click to win Pikachu plush dolls, Beanies, Pocket Monsters, Calendars and Fossil Cards!

Warner Bros.
Movies: We are giving away a Three Kings poster each day for 30 days. Win your poster today!

Movies: A winner a day for the next 30 weekdays. Enter to win The James Bond Collection 7-DVD set and copies of the newest DVD Bond releases and soundtracks!

ForMen: IGN.com is giving away the coolest spy's coolest gadget: James Bond's HPJornada.


Get Free Pokémon Stuff!
IGN is giving away a different surprise Pokémon prize every day. Click here to find out more.

Resident Evil Blowout Contest
If you are the lucky winner you'll win every Resident Evil game, action figures, and a PlayStation.

IGN For Men Interview: Wes Craven
Horror icon talks about his new novel, Scream 3, and the lure of Dr. Pepper

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