Brainwash Projects
Pigeon John and B Twice make up this strangely innovative hip hop group. They are both from the Los Angeles area and have been a main stay in the underground scene for as long as there has been one. John and B are influenced by a wide variety of music, and it is that ecclecticism in their art that makes their hip hop fit nicely alongside the rest of the Jackson/Rubio roster. B Twice creates the majority of the beats, and Pigeon John develops the ideas which turn their blend of music into something more transcendent than straight ahead rap.

hip hop with an alternative experimental twist

Pigeon John, B Twice

Los Angeles Favorite

Rushmore, Buffalo 66 Favorite

:Tribe Called Quest, Gangstar, Radiohead, Blur Favorite

"The Subterraneans" Kerouac, "Life After God" Coupland, "The Informers

Favorite Band Meals
Waffle House, Wendy's

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