Re: who I am

Tue, 10 Mar 1998 14:41:19 -0700
Day Bill (

My husband and I are both 40, and recently retired. We live in western
Colorado, in an earth-bermed passive solar house we designed ourselves.
We were self-employed, and worked as sub-contractors in the construction
industry. Lousy job, but we made more money in construction. We both
agreed even before we were married that we didn't want to work the rest
of our lives. So we always lived on a small portion of what we made.
Paid off our house, never went into debt for anything, and once we were
debt free, began investing our money. We now have a small income,
sufficient for our needs, from our investments.

We read YMOYL last year, and consequently the tightwad gazettes. I wish
I had heard of them years earlier, I could have saved a lot more.

We both have some health problems, so our main concern in life is
resting, eating well, and trying to regain some of our health back. I
plan to trade work in exchange for food at one of several small organic
farms/orchards in the area. Eventually, I would like to hold some
workshops on frugal living. But, for right now, we are kicking back,
taking it easy, and enjoying life!

Cheryl D

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