21 JUNE 1996


On Wednesday 19 June 1996 Amnesty International United Kingdom (AIUK) held an awards ceremony, hosted by television presenter Shahnaz Pakravan, at London's Park Lane Hotel.
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Awards were presented to journalists who in the past year have contributed to furthering the understanding and awareness of human rights issues within the United Kingdom.

"We can not work without the help of journalists who expose injustice, torture and massacres," said AIUK. "We hope these awards will encourage reporters to continue with that work, to prevent people suffering and to protect human rights all over the world."

Winners in six categories and an overall winner were announced on the night:-

  • The Radio award went to BBC Radio 4's series "Out of the Fire" produced by Marc Jobst, researched by Shirley Pope and presented by John Simpson. Marc Jobst said: "I'm enormously proud to receive this award from Amnesty International because I have such respect for their work. The programme they awarded was about Dana Tep and her daughter Ramoni who were subjected to slavery under the Khmer Rouge..."

    Dana and Ramoni Tep received a standing ovation at the ceremony, as they bravely chose the occasion of the AIUK Press Awards to come out from years of hiding to reveal their true identities.

  • Robert Block won the National Print category for his series of articles reporting the Fall of Srebrenica for The Independent.

  • Rod Nordland won the Periodical category for his article "Death of a Village" for Newsweek.

  • The award for best Television Documentary was given to Channel Four's "Delta Force" about human rights violations in Nigeria, produced and directed by Glenn Ellis of Catma Films. "I am delighted about the award, particularly coming from an organisation like Amnesty which means a great deal to me, but I cannot help thinking about the Ogoni 19 who are still detained," said Glenn Ellis.

  • Theodore Liasi won the Photojournalism award for his photograph of an eight-year-old victim of a land mine accident in Kabul.

  • ITN Channel Four News team won the Television News category for its series of reports on "War Crimes In Bosnia".

The Overall Winner award, which was presented by Ken Wiwa, went to the ITN Channel Four News team for its coverage of "War Crimes in Bosnia".

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