REoL TOUGH -vs- Software Creations BBS
The real David -vs- Goliath

(This is a long read, with articles clipped from various BBS's.)

It was in 1993 when King REoL discovered the world
of DooM, the very popular 3D game by id Software.
After a few months, King REoL discovered a big BBS
system that was close by, which the calls were local
ones: Software Creations BBS.
At that time, people were starting to make their
own worlds and other add-ons for the game. King REoL
(simply known as REoL at the time) downloaded editors
in June of 1994 and started off on his merry ways of

First Releases

In July of 1994, the first ever REoL TOUGH release
was made worldwide (#_WAR_#.ZIP), but failed to, due
to the filename, where the "#" symbols were reserved
for Apogee game releases. But on AOL, it was downloaded
by very few (didn't have 200,000 members then), and the
word was, it didn't fly. It sucked. No one liked it,
and right then and there REoL TOUGH was branded as a
name in junk levels no one wants. Things were to change
from there.
1FIFFY.ZIP, Hell on Earth Interpretation, was re-
leased a couple months later, with very marked improve-
ment in archetecture and realism, but still not the
choice in levels.
Realistic Lighting came into play with Satan's Castle
(1FIFFY2.ZIP) a month later. Jaws dropped. Although
sloppy in allignments with walls and ceilings, this
level put REoL TOUGH on the charts, and with more re-
leases to come, the levels will have walls, floors, and
ceilings properly alligned. By the unofficial end of the
DooM era, with the release of Satan's Castle II
(1FIFFY7.ZIP), REoL TOUGH now got worldwide respect, and
started to become chart-toppers.

The Heat is on

DooM II came out, and so did the DooM II editors.
With horrible limitations with memory, REoL TOUGH moves
on, and REoL releases Wolfen-STEINED! (2FIFFY1.ZIP).
Memory limits made the maps poor choice worldwide, in
spite of marked improvement with memory management. The
last few maps used another editor which removed these
limits, but Starbase 7, parts 1 and 2 (2FIFFY2.ZIP and
2FIFFY3.ZIP) sported graphics and archetecture that made
high horses in the editing circles very concearned. They
feared REoL was to make his move. For several months,
Castle of the Damned was made for DooM. A full episode,
with new graphics and some "new" monsters, didn't do as
well as expected.

The Uproar

Euthanasia (2FIFFY4.ZIP) came out, and this was the
moment big level authors everywhere feared could possibly
happen. With help from a deathmatch level maker Mark
Klem, made the ultimate level. The world was in total awe
when they ran through this one. Not only was the lighting
perfect, but the archetecture went over the top, as many
level reviewers could not resist but to give this top pick
honors everywhere, including AOL. REoL TOUGH now was the #1
level of choice in Canada, and other countries.
Due to the overly massive success of Euthanasia, many
fans came about, and they dubbed him "King REoL", and
demanded him to go by that name. Trying it out, fans went
crazy, coming up with other names to go with it, like God,
God of DooM, DooM God, and The James Hetfield of DooM.
TeamTNT, a big-shot, cocky level disigning group, was
not well liked, even though id wanted their Final DooM
releses. No one could beat the levels, and everyone had
to cheat to get out. The cries were out for better arch-
etecture, and doable levels. REoL TOUGH did that with The
Abandoned Mines, and Sacrifice (2FIFFY5.ZIP and
2FIFFY6.ZIP). In spite of Mine's inability to do savegames,
REoL TOUGH was made, by far, the levels of choice. So much,
when TeamTNT boasted how great they were, thousands told
them that the only way they'd be king is if they could do
better than REoL TOUGH. Not only did they fail miserably,
they then called themselves "The Beatles of DooM". Like
The Beatles, they were huge, in their time. Not only has
TeamTNT worn out their welcome across the world, REoL TOUGH
fans decided to give REoL TOUGH a big boost, calling the
REoL TOUGH series: "The Metallica of DooM". Huge, and what
people want TODAY.

Holy War

SWCBBS did not take a liking to the new King REoL name
at all. Boasting it as nothing more than a big ego trip,
King REoL explained how the fans wanted the name change,
was tested out, and how everyone liked it. They dismissed
this as nothing more than a big lie, and just then they
were planning to start a war with REoL TOUGH.
The name calling and harrassment started up, although
it was very light. Friends turned against King REoL, but
told the horrible truth privately over E-mail. These
people appologized for their actions, but explained how
SWCBBS would turn against them if they sided with King
REoL in any way, as reported by three separate people.
Something did not seem quite right, nevertheless, the
fight just to stay calm, cool, and collective was about
to boil over, after a few other incidences.
King REoL admitted wrongdoing when he overused color
in messages, and then aggreed upon not using them, until
the tagline and signature. Between that, there was a
heated battle about this. Many BBS sysops thought SWCBBS
was wrong, still, conformed to the "color code".
Now the sparks started flying. after the color war,
members started to speak out on King REoL's bad behavior
since day one on the board years before. Being accused
of bombarding Newsgroup boards with repetitive posts,
the sysop demanded the action to stop, and he aggreed. A
month later, he revisits the board and sees it all again,
repetitive posting, but he didn't do it! Something went
awry with the mail door program, and he asked the Sysop
about it, but no response was ever heard, until the day
he was kicked off Newsgroups, as well as forcing him to
kick off non-paying members, all "...because of you." This
debate waswhat started to be the ultimate holy war in BBS
history: Big, gigantic SWCBBS, and the puny REoL TOUGH.
After a few months, King REoL helped launch Global
Comm-Net BBS, after only asking for a mere directory to
put REoL TOUGH files in. Instead, he got better, Co-Sysop
abilities. He helped the Sysop, as well as other Co-Sysops,
put together the best local BBS in Northern Worcester
County, second only to SWCBBS. Finally, the moment King
REoL has planned, due to the very unfair treatment SWCBBS
gave to it's clients, their demise.
The Beta version of Quake came out, and King REoL down-
loaded the demo, and immediately uploaded it to Global
Comm-Net, and get it ready for download. Once all the work
was done, the announcements were made, that not only was
the Quake Demo ready for download, but they were the first
ever BBS to do something no one ever did: beat SWCBBS in
their own game, of getting the new games and demos to
the masses first. After wrongfully bragging to "get Quake
here!" posts, King REoL appologized again, and get a big
BBS angry over a new issue: beating them to new games.
Quake came out months later, and again, Gloabl beat
SWCBBS by a week in releasing the game, and Global staff,
for three straight days, could not get onto the BBS to
do anything, due to the onslaught of people wanting the
new game. SWCBBS was very angry, because this massive
onslaught on Global almost literally killed all traffic
onto SWCBBS. Now they have the power to do damage to King
REoL, and attempt Deformation of Character on him.
King REoL loses his cool, after many insults and lies
about him, he clears everything up, only to be called a
liar, but as this went along, he found evidence of bad
mouthing and Deformation of Character. Every insult and
lie were proven wrong by him, only to be shut out, and
more was to follow. By accident, one of the low blows
dealt to SWBCCS came when then sysops Glenn Schmidt and
Glenn Brensinger accidently posted a private message as
a public one:

Subj: Hey everyone
Read: 05-19-96 (23:46) Status: PUBLIC MESSAGE
Conf: General Chat (7) Read Type: TEXT SCAN (+)

-> JS>Well, it's kind of a long story, but the short version is that I
-> JS>disagreed with what my job was being converted into after they BBS was
-> JS>sold, and I didn't like the direction the BBS was going to be going in,
-> JS>and I also felt like the company was not treating customers well. So I
-> JS>started dragging in my work, had no real energy in it, they commented on
-> JS>it, and I decided it was better to part company with them while we were
-> JS>still on speaking terms.

Ahh, so at the time you were somewhat DISGRUNTLED, weren't you? And since
...singer, part of the company was "...not treating customers well.", you two
decided to start raising hell.

THAT explains everything all along....

King REoL

Right then and there, King REoL had SWCBBS trapped into
a corner, but there was more damage they inflicted upon
themselves a few minutes later:

Subj: We are DUMB! Schmidt said so!
Read: (N/A) Status: PUBLIC MESSAGE
Conf: General Chat (7) Read Type: TEXT SCAN (+)

-> JS>Absolutely. I cannot stand helping people over the phone, esp.
-> JS>considering how dumb most of them are ("you need a phone wire to use a
-> JS>modem? But it said works out of the box!"). (:
-> JS>I just finished a job where I did Tech Support, but it was all hands-on
-> JS>and I really didn't mind it at all. Plus some of the accounting girls
-> JS>were really cute. (:

AH HA! This is why the BBS was so stuck up when I was UNFAIRLY booted from the
I-net newsgroups! Look at the big "holyier than thou" EGO they posess! After
all, we all had questions on how to use the BBS before right? According to
Schmidt and crew, you, and I are stupid!

Even though this was probably another job, you can't have this type of an
attitude and work with the public, because whistle blowers, like myself, will
reveal what really happened, and will shock those that believed in you.

After revealing the facts without any reason of doubt,
King REoL gets kicked off SWCBBS for good. Did he reveal
a little too much? Could this be a death blow? All we know
is, they didn't want to take the chance, but the war was not
over quite yet.

Detailed Investigation

Little did they know, King REoL had a friend, Scott
Motyka, that not only was helpful, but let King REoL use
his ID on the BBS to look for incriminating evidence.

Subj: The Gathering
Read: 05-28-96 (16:56) Status: PUBLIC MESSAGE
Conf: General Chat (7) Read Type: TEXT SCAN (+)

TH>JS>There probably will be a mini-BBQ at SWC, that's up to Dan, but he did
TH>JS>say that would be cool. We will still be having the BIG BBQ at Bab-4 on

TH>So what happens if Fiffy shows up? Reckon we would regognize him as
TH>soon as we saw him? :D

Yeah, he'll be the one carrying the "JFK was killed by ...singer and
crew" sign.


Immature. Next, they talked about "Twitting", or the
ability to ignore postings from ceartain people:

Subj: Twitting
Conf: General Chat (7) Read Type: TEXT SCAN (+)

ST>That's using OLX/OLXWin. Windows newsreaders (Agent, WinVn) and UNIX
ST>newsreaders (GNUS, TIN, the rn family (trn, slrn, rn)) all totally
ST>remove your ability to see posts from the twit. Plus, you can even twit
ST>on any message that mentions that name in the body (UNIX only).

Oh, I see what you mean. Yeah, but out there I don't have to worry about
seeing their messages, they are even less of a mind than Fiffy (which
says alot!).


Stupidity sets in, but then again, maybe not. King
REoL, using his friend's ID, decides to share "his" mind
on what's going on, and if possible, try to get them to
attack, and spill their guts:

Subj: That annoying Fiffy "kid"....
Conf: Main Board (0) Read Type: MAIL FOR YOU (+)

Subject: That annoying Fiffy "kid"....

SM> I help run a BBS he is also on, and yep, he's causing trouble there!
>Got any suggestions or methods to handle him?

Yeah, kick him off if he's annoying people. He seems to think he's
some sort of God, and only be removing the problem will he stop.


This message brings up an older point from awhile back.
The "God" Glenn's refering to with the name change from "REoL"
to "King REoL", no matter how many times they were told it was
a name change that the fans demanded, not something he brought
upon himself.
Still signs that SWCBBS really was the one with the gigant-
ic ego:

Subj: entomorph
Read: 06-09-96 (01:40) Status: PUBLIC MESSAGE
Conf: Main Board (0) Read Type: TEXT SCAN (+)

-> Unfortunately. Owning a brain is not a prerequisite for owning a
-> modem it would seem.

...well put! Sometimes reading mail I get scared and think I am the only
literate one left on earth... (and I am no scolar :)

- Peter

Most of the damage was done, yet still there's evidence
that may crop up, so the investigation contunues, as King
REoL starts to move forward with his plan. Now, he asked
others of horror stories people had about SWCBBS. Here's one
story from a Sysop of another BBS:


Number : 42 of 44 Date: 07/07/96 08:51
Reply To: 41
Confer : Literary Genius
From : Mind Bender
To : George Fiffy
Subject : Why Bother?
GF> Who were these people that you talked to about SWCBBS? Perhaps you a
GF> they can shed more light on the "BBS Mafia". :) They reek, and may
GF> Global kill them when it comes to Quake!

As I said, this was a few years ago. What I had heard then from a
couple of people I used to work with was that it was a BIG board with
tons of files but that it was rather cold, impersonal and "clique".
Back then it wasn't big on messages or doors -- the big thing was the
files, particularly Apogee. But I never heard people complain about
the "goings-on" until maybe about 3 or 4 years ago.
Anyway, just from the overall picture of the thing I never bothered
calling because I don't like boards where people from cliques and
really treat you like an outsider.

I may not have the biggest, best, or most interesting board around but
at least I THINK I make people feel welcome here. I do have rules and
restrictions that I set up, but I also have to guard against problems.
I don't even set up file ratios, although I would hope that people
would upload something at least once in a while and not just download.
Anyway, from the way they have become, it may not be awfully long
before they meet their demise.

As documented here, and many other E-mails and other
postings to come, the stories are the same. Amzaingly,
the word "Clique" comes up in several stories by different
people. One Sysop of another BBS pointed out in public,
that they were clique and were afraid of different people,
only to be shot down himself. People do know King REoL does
not always set the best example, but is truly opposite of
what SWCBBS says he was. Using the many complements he got
from many people who knew him, he made a message stating
them, and gets these responses:

Subj: What Fiffy has planned!
Read: 07-09-96 (17:16) Status: PUBLIC MESSAGE
Conf: General Chat (7) Read Type: TEXT SCAN (+) HAS REPLIES

SM>I'm a Co-Sysop of Global, the same BBS that Fiffy helps run, and I must
>say you're WAY wrong there. Sure, compared to this board, it's like

My apologies, I assumed Fiffy had his own BBS.. that's what it sounded
like from his bragging.

SM>This board, and Global are great. This board get Apogee files and other
>cool stuff first, and Global gets the Quake stuff first. Nice ballance,
>don't you think?

Absolutely. Lose Fiffy, and you've got it made. :D

Subj: What Fiffy has planned!
Conf: General Chat (7) Read Type: MAIL FOR YOU (+)

SM>-> Well, that's the difference... Fiffy attacked everyone here. He was
SM>-> not attacked upon. He was retaliated upon for countless attacks,
SM>-> innuendos, insults, you name it.
SM>-> In all my day as a BBS user, I have _never_ met a user as bad as him.

SM>He MUST'VE been the jerk here, but on Global, he's one of the BEST
SM>people I met! Weird, huh? :-)

ROTFL. I suspected him of having Multiple Person Disorder... ;-)

Se ya, Nathan.

The mode of attack was well underway, hitting the
internet and other BBS systems, reposting messages (just
like, and including, those shown here) they didn't know
were circulating all over the world. In a message awhile
back, someone predicted SWCBBS's demise if they continue
heading in their current direction, and they were.

Fiffy's Plan Unfolds

The REoL TOUGH crowd finally saw enough of the repost-
ings being sent everywhere. The plan King REoL had to
weaken a giant BBS went into effect. Slowly, one by one,
REoL TOUGH fans started to ban the BBS until they improved.
This never happened, and eventually, REoL TOUGH fans have
started to pull their memberships. After 30 people pulled
them away, there was a noticable difference in SWCBBS. Lots
of chat rooms were removed, conference areas removed, and
120 phone lines for access went down to 10. SWCBBS was
slowly sinking, and still were making fun of King REoL, as
they were fighting to stay alive. Suddenly, the few members
remaining took another big hit, as now 40 REoL TOUGH fans
pulled their subscriptions. The General Chat Conference went
down, and many people were mad. King REoL messaged them as
to asking how it felt to have lost something for no apparent
reason, but they still went on about how he was stupid, as
well as the BBS members on the other board he frequented.
If that wasn't enough, they went posting lies about twisting
all posts around, still not knowing the orriginals were
being stored and displayed everywhere. Now that other BBS's
were being called "stupid", and them seeing these messages,
many more people got angry! 70 REoL TOUGH fans total, and
dozens of other BBS goers, pulled their memberships. At last
viewing, there was just the Main Conference, and Apogee
files being updated.
The best news came from an E-mail a few months later
from a former SWCBBS member, one who pulled their membership:
"THE BBS IS DOWN!!!!! THE BBS IS DOWN!!!!! I tried to call,
and got a message about the number no longer being in
service...." (Quote may be slightly paraphrased.)


The next day, King REoL attempts himself to connect to
SWCBBS, and there was indeed no answer, except a faint ro-
botic tape stating the number is not in service. King REoL's
ultimate plan not only worked, but caused the predicted
demise another person stated. Updating the DeatH Site, a
huge headline went accorss the very top of the page, taking
up the entire web browser window: "WE WON!!!" REoL TOUGH was
victorious, and many celebrated. Months after the SWCBBS
went down, former members still talk about how he had
nothing to do with the BBS's demise. Some of that may be
true, but when 70 REoL TOUGH fans fight together and pull
subscriptions, the board had nowhere to go, but to die.
Fans were thanked numerous times, and this large lesson
proves if you want to stay alive, you can not be descept-
ive towards others, and treat them like dirt. REoL TOUGH
never did that (intentionally, whenever that happened),
and is why REoL TOUGH won the war.

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