<em>NDP Caucus News Release</em><br> John Holm, MLA (Sackville-Cobequid)
July 22, 1997


     NDP Economic Renewal Critic John Holm wants Premier
MacLellan to press the Federal government to cancel the $25
million loan that will make possible the dismantling of the
Ultramar refinery so that it can be shipped to the United Arab

      "I understand final approval of the Export Development
Corporation loan is imminent," said Holm. "Premier MacLellan
should immediately contact his former Liberal Caucus Colleague,
Prime Minister Chretien, to demand the deal be cancelled.

     "When Ultramar was granted permission to purchase the
refinery they promised to keep it operating for seven years.  In
return for betraying their promise they are being rewarded with
our tax dollars.  Liberals regularly break their promises and may
see this as an acceptable practice.  Nova Scotians do not.

     "If it is not cancelled we will be kissing off an
opportunity to restore lost jobs, an opportunity to provide an
alternate petroleum supply for independent gas retailers and an
opportunity to expand the market for Nova Scotia coal through

     "The short term refinery dismantling jobs will pale compared
to the lost opportunity for long term good paying employment that
is being shipped off with the assistance of our tax dollars.

     "Premier MacLellan was in Ottawa when the deal was struck. 
Now reborn as Premier, he has promised to be an unrelenting
advocate for Nova Scotians.  Here's a test and time is fast
expiring.  Action is needed today."