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Held May 1 - 3, 1998
Des Moines, Iowa
Venue: Sheraton Four Points

Our Guests Were:

Author Guest-of-Honor

George Alec Effinger

Artist Guest-of-Honor

William J. Hodgson

Fan Guests-of-Honor

Dee and Marshall Willis


Rusty Hevelin

Other Notables-in-Attendance

Algis Budrys
Rob Chilson
Glen Cook
Robert Cornett
Gregory D. Frost
Barbara Hambly
Erin McKee

General Statistics:


Approx. 450

Art Show Sales (Gross)

$6, 026

Other Fun Facts:

Artist Awards

Best Work, Amateur: Solitude by John Garner
Best Work, Professional: Circles by Erin McKee
Best Collection, Amateur: Dale Ziemianski
Best Collection, Professional: William Hodgson
Pegasus Award: Carousel Horse Angel White by NeNe

Trans-Iowa Canal Co. (tm) West Performance

The Sciffy Horror Picture Show

Comments / Observations:

General feedback from the membership this year was generally positive with one notable exception -- the state of the convention hotel. As most DemiCon IX attendees are now well aware, remodelling at the Sheraton Four Points, where the 1998 convention was held, was not completed on schedule, making things a bit of a challenge in some areas.

In defense of the Sheraton, it should be noted that they did "take us in" when the hotel previously scheduled as the 1998 venue -- the Inn at University -- abruptly informed us that the owner had sold the property and that it was scheduled to have been torn down by April 1st. Although the sale of the Inn eventually fell through, it was not until we were firmly committed to working with the Sheraton that the Inn reapproached us regarding the '98 convention.

Despite the construction problems, it seems highly likely that the Sheraton remodelling will be long completed by 1999. Nevertheless, we are aware of the immense stress placed on the hotel, our staff, and our membership by the conditions of the facility during this convention. A number of our attendees expressed their preference that the 1999 convention be held at another venue. There is some indication, too, that some among the management of the Sheraton would prefer not to host our '99 event, although we have been "pencilled in" at their facility for the '99 date since approximately March of 1998.

At present, we are examining all alternatives. The Inn at University has been eagerly pursuing our business for 1999, and we have been in communication with some new hotels as well. Our hope is to finalize the '99 venue by July 1 of 1998. Our final choice will be influenced, in part, by the response to the hotel survey that was distributed during DemiCon IX. We appreciate the thoughtful feedback from the many who took the time to fill out the survey. If you are interested in seeing a summary of the results, click here.

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