Moments of Inertia

Updated: 7.19.96

...What all the kids are listening to.

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CD/Tape release 6/96
The new double-CD from Silence. Like Kiss Alive II, without "Ladies Room"!
CD Price: Not Set Yet
Tape Price: Not Set Yet

Wave Without A Shore

CD Release: 3/94
Big fun songs with lots o' orchestration, big guitars, and kill vocals that switch between Bolt Thrower and some other things. Several bass players. Lot's of words. Available on the popular new "CD (Compact Disc)" media format.
CD Price: $10.00

Des Turmes Auferstehung

Tape Release: 4/93
Named after the never performed sequel to Carl Orff's "Play at the End of Time". More big songs. First attempt at digital recording. Samples from "Star Blazers", "Evil Dead II", "Lolita", and many more. (all appropriately licensed from their respective, really.) Features the hit "Build", and "A Place to Call Home".
..Something about gasoline, maybe the way it stings, it strikes my fancy.
Tape Price: $7.00

Naive as only a Pervert can be

Tape Release: 8/92
The first ever full length recording from Silence. This just might be the noisiest thing ever recorded, no one is sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Features the ultra-long version of Das Sepulchordion.
Tape Price: $7.00
**Limited to stock on hand


Tape Release: 8/92
Think of it as "Naive as only a Pervert can be" on a budget.
Tape Price: $5.00
**Limited to stock on hand

Flashburn (Cranial Biffida)

Tape Release: 8/91 <