Nov 9, 1999

"NASA is deeply committed to spreading the unique knowledge that flows from its aeronautics and space research...."

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Do you dream of exploring space or working for NASA? If so, avoid black holes and drugs. You decide.

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NASA Technology to Make Air Travel Safer, Reduce Delays

AILS_systemNASA and an industry partner have developed technology that could ease travelers' frustration with flight delays caused by bad weather. The Airborne Information for Lateral Spacing system and the Closely Spaced Parallel Approaches system expand on existing communication and navigation technology to allow airplanes to land safely in bad weather on parallel runways spaced as closely as 2,500 feet apart. Currently, the minimum runway separation during low visibility is 4,300 feet, which means that some of the nation’s busiest airports have to shut down one of their closely spaced runways when weather conditions deteriorate. Some of the airports where this new technology could improve on-time arrivals are Detroit, Seattle, Minneapolis and Memphis. (Full Story)

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