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    The League of the South in South Carolina is organized with the South Carolina State Office as the state wide governing authority. The State Chairman is Lake E. High Jr. Local chapters are organized in locations throughout the state and their chairmen report to the State Chairman. A local chapter is formed when a competent person is found who is willing to undertake chairman's duties in his area.  All chapter Chairmen are appointed by the State Chairman with the help and advice of members in any given area. The local chapters are listed below:

    Volunteers are sought to lead local chapters in different areas across the state. If you would like to either join a chapter in your area, or help start one, please contact the State Chairman via Email or snail mail at the South Carolina Division address given above.

The Sept Program

    South Carolina was the first state to initiate the sept program in its organization. Septs are "separate" from the League of the South, but still a part of it. Everyone who joins the League of the South is a member of the League, but only those who choose to work at a higher level of commitment, and who join a specific sept, are considered as being in the sept program.

    Septs are never more than seven people and they meet either at the home or office of a sept leader. Septs are kept purposely small so the people who meet can all enter into current discussion and lend their ideas and efforts to the various tasks at hand.

    Septurions, those people who meet in septs, are committed to extra efforts on behalf of the League. They appear on radio talk shows, write letters to editors, make talks on behalf of the League, write op-ed pieces for newspapers, organize chapters, organize new septs, and, in general, work at a level above the average member. They are, in other words, activists.

    Sept members must meet with a sept leader and must commit to accomplishing various goals and activities. Septurions receive a Sept Guidebook and, after a training period in which they familiarize themselves with the goals and ideas of the League, they either help form additional septs or carry out specialized activities.

    If you would like to work in a sept, please contact the State Chairman, Lake E. High Jr., via Email or snail mail at the South Carolina Division address given above. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Upcoming Events

October 17: The Upcountry South Carolina Chapter of the League of the South will hold its monthly meeting this Sunday, October 17th at the Comfort Inn, 5539 Calhoun Memorial Highway (US 123), Easley, SC. The meeting will begin at 4:00 PM and light refreshments will be served. Topics will include our heritage billboard campaign, radio ad campaign, the January flag rally in Columbia, and other items of interest. Please join us if you are able.

November 6: The Pee Dee Chapter of the League of the South to meet at 11:00AM at Big-D's Barbecue Barn, 350 George Bishop Parkway, in Myrtle Beach on Saturday, November 6th. There is a private dining room reserved for our meeting, however, we must order from the buffet. For a map, or for information, call 843-236-4666.

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Member Notices

check.jpg (1510 bytes)The First Certificate Issued By The League of the South!
check.jpg (1510 bytes)Cabarrus Chapter, NC, League Memorial Service
check.jpg (1510 bytes)SC Membership Cards
check.jpg (1510 bytes)Grand Opening Celebration of the Concord, North Carolina
Chapter of the League of the South

The First Certificate Issued By The League of the South!

Thanks to Jay Mowery, the South Carolina League of the South Beaufort Chapter Chairman and graphic artist, South Carolinia League of the South members now have the first official League certificate. This beautiful certificate is in full color, printed on parchment paper, measures 11 x 8 1/2 inches, and would look beautiful on your office or home wall.

Order one today. Send a $10.00 check, payable to the SCLS, to The South Carolina League of the South, PO Box 5841, Columbia, SC 29250.

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Cabarrus Chapter, NC, League Memorial Service
by Vickie Poston

On Tuesday January 19,1999 a memorial service was held to honor Gen. Robert E. Lee and Gen. Thomas "Stonewall " Jackson, who were in the Confederate Army during the War Between the States and two of the South's greatest heroes.

The memorial service was arranged by Jim Sr.and Vickie Poston. Jim is a member of the Rowan Rifles Sons of Confederate Veterans and Vickie is a Southern heritage activist and they are the co-chairs of the Cabarrus Chapter of the League of the South.

Vickie Poston opened the memorial service and in her speech she told of her ancestors who fought and died in the war. She also told of her great, great, great grandfather David Wyont who was wounded at Gettysburg and came back to fight again, only to be captured at Burgess Mill and taken to Point Lookout, Md., Union Prison Camp, where he stayed from Oct.1864 until June 23, 1865. A prayer was offered written by an unknown Confederate Soldier.

Larry Walker, a long time Southern heritage activist, NC historian of the League of the South, member of the Egbert Ross Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and a reenactor for the 30th NC regiment, told of the roles of General Lee and Jackson during the war and gave a brief summary of the honorable lives they lived. The 30th NC reenactors provided a color guard for the memorial service. Andy Deal of the Rowan Rifles Camp of Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Cabarrus League of the South read the poem, "I Am Their Flag," by Michael Bradley, which shows the history and importance of the flag and what it meant to the Confederate Soldier.

Andy also gave a brief speech on why the Confederate Soldier must not be forgotten and why they should be honored. Mike Tuggle, state chairman of the League of the South and Rowan Rifles Sons of Confederate Veterans, spoke on the importance of remembering our Southern ancestors. Randy Jamison, of the Rowan Rifles and Cabarrus League of the South, brought the evening to a close with the singing of Amazing Grace, Dixie and a prayer. Donna Poteat of the Cabarrus League of the South greeted the guests and gave each a gray ribbon to wear honoring their Confederate ancestors. It was a great night for all who came to honor and recapture a moment of singing Dixie and being proud to be Southern.

South Carolina League of the South Membership Card!Membership cards are here! Jay Mowery has designed these cards for South Carolina League of the South members. If you are a current member of the League, Jay will be mailing them out soon. If you are not already a member, don't put it off any longer. South Carolina is once again leading the way. We are the first state with a membership card! Thanks, Jay, for your beautiful design and quick production.



Grand Opening Celebration of the Concord, North Carolina
Chapter of the League of the South

I had the honor and distinct pleasure to attend the opening meeting of the Concord, North Carolina, Chapter of the League of the South. This was an event not to be missed and offers an excellent template for other states to follow when getting a new Chapter off the ground.

First, a little background. The Katie Knight Heritage Violation, which received favorable press locally and in Charlotte, provided a means for letting other Southerners know that there were, in fact, organizations like the League of the South. All too often, people who feel like we do have no idea that there are others of like mind out there. Vickie Poston, who spearheaded the meeting, was one such person. As soon as she learned of the League, she has been a dynamo in making things happen in Cabarrus County. The work that went into this event was incredible and resulted in attendance of at least 100 people, as well as Television and print media. Also contributing tremendously to this effort were Randy and Donna Jamison, co-Chairs of the North Carolina League of the South. Every speaker was excellent and the Southern music provided by Eva Millsaps was superb. How wonderful to be able to hear the Bonnie Blue Flag and Dixie sung so well and to an appreciative audience. For those of you who were unable to attend, here is the program:

"How Great Thou Art" sung by Eva Millsaps. What a beautiful introduction to the Southern state of mind.

Prayer by Rev. Harold Robinson. A wonderful prayer by a black man who is genuinely supportive of the celebration of all Southern heritage, black and white. I spoke with him afterwards and he is interested in healing the divisions between our races. Federal intervention certainly is not required for this to take place.

Salute to the Confederate Flag: "I salute the Confederate flag with affection, reverence and undying devotion to the cause for which it stands."

Greetings by Jim and Vickie Poston. Vickie was the master of ceremonies and did an outstanding job. She is a natural.

Why the League? Why the South? by Mike Tuggle. An absolutely outstanding speech. I wish it had been taped.

Confederate Uniforms by Andy Deal. Andy provided an inside look into the uniforms worn by our Confederate ancestors, as displayed by numerous reenactors if full battle dress.

Southern Perspectives on Teaching Tolerance by Mike Boliver, SC League of the South. Mike discussed the Southern Heritage developments he is involved in with the Cabarrus County School System.

Confederate Flags by Steve Poteat. Steve gave us a brief history of the major flags of the Confederacy.

This was followed by a Color Guard Parade of Flags.

The "Bonnie Blue Flag" was sung beautifully by Eva Millsaps.

I Am Their Flag, a moving poem recited by Randy Jamison and signed by Donna Jamison. Very powerful imagery.

Toward A Southern Consciousness by Kirk Lyons of the Southern Legal Resource Center. During this rousing speech, Kirk had trouble keeping on track because the numerous standing ovations and rebel yells from the audience. A very powerful speech.

Closing and "Dixie" sung by Eva Millsaps. There was not a person sitting and very few dry eyes during the signing of our anthem

If anyone needs any help organizing such an event, I'm sure that Vickie Poston and the Jamisons will be happy to give their advice to you. Email me and I'll forward on any requests to them.


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