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California Fall League Rosters Updated

The California Fall League's inaugural season got underway Sept. 23. There were several changes to the rosters announced previously. Braves second baseman Marcus Giles, one of the top prospects that had been scheduled to play in the league, was replaced on the San Bernardino Sand Dragons roster by Braves second base prospect Jose Cepeda, who split the season between Class A Myrtle Beach and Double-A Greenville.

In another notable change, Brewers second-round pick Kade Johnson will make his pro debut in the league for Lake Elsinore. Johnson, who signed too late to play this summer, replaces Obispo Brito as the Brewers catching entry for the Land Sharks.

Here are the rosters, with changes:

Lake Elsinore Land Sharks
New PlayerReplaces
Ryan Cummings, p, AngelsSteve Green, p, Angels
Jeremy Jackson, p, MetsCorey Brittan, p, Mets
Kade Johnson, c, BrewersObispo Brito, c, Brewers

Pitchers: Jeff Andra (Giants), Richard Bauer (Orioles), Leslie Brea (Mets), Donnie Bridges (Expos), Matt Childers (Brewers), Ryan Cummings (Angels), Chris Demouy (Angels), Sean Douglass (Orioles), Bryan Hebson (Expos), Jeremy Jackson (Mets), Greg Jones (Angels), Kevin Joseph (Giants), Kyle Kessel (Mets), Mark Mangum (Expos).
Catchers: Giuseppe Chiaramonte (Giants), Kade Johnson (Brewers), Scott Sandusky (Expos).
Infielders: Mike Christensen (Angels), Franky Figueroa (Orioles), Brian Oliver (Angels), Josh Reding (Expos), Chris Rowan (Brewers), Ty Wigginton (Mets).
Outfielders: Jeff Allen (Giants), Doug Clark (Giants), Darnell McDonald (Orioles), Alvin Morrow (Brewers), Robert Stratton (Mets).

Lancaster Stealth
New PlayerReplaces
Chris Cervantes, p, DiamondbacksChris Bloomer, p, Diamondbacks
Jason Turman, p, MarinersJeff Farnsworth, p, Mariners
Robert Hammock, c, DiamondbacksJosh McAffee, c, Diamondbacks
Jamie Gann, of, DiamondbacksJamie Sykes, of, Diamondbacks

Pitchers: Corey Avrard (Cardinals), Chris Cervantes (Diamondbacks), Pete Fisher (Twins), Mike Gonzalez (Pirates), Shane Heams (Tigers), Josh Kalinowski (Rockies), Justin Kaye (Mariners), Kris Keller (Tigers), Kyle Lohse (Twins), Ryan Price (Rockies), Kevin Sheredy (Cardinals), Steve Sparks (Pirates), Travis Thompson (Rockies), Jason Turman (Mariners).
Catchers: Lee Evans (Pirates), Rodney Hammock (Diamondbacks), Brandon Inge (Tigers).
Infielders: Harvey Hargrove (Mariners), Bo Robinson (Mariners), Mike Ryan (Twins), Todd Sears (Rockies), Rico Washington (Pirates), Jack Wilson (Cardinals).
Outfielders: Kory DeHaan (Pirates), Jamie Gann (Diamondbacks), Rod Lindsey (Tigers), Juan Pierre (Rockies), Michael Restovich (Twins).

Rancho Cucamonga Surfers
New PlayerReplaces
Nathan Ruhl, p, Devil RaysElliot Brown, p, Devil Rays
Bob File, p, Blue JaysPat Lynch, p, Blue Jays

Pitchers: Cedrick Bowers (Devil Rays), Bob File (Blue Jays), Benny Lowe (Blue Jays), Rick Matsko (Indians), Jason Middlebrook (Padres), Eddy Reyes (Devil Rays), Jake Robbins (Yankees), Nathan Ruhl (Devil Rays), Doug Sessions (Astros), Donnie Suttles (Indians), Don Thomas (Astros), Matt Weimer (Blue Jays), Jacob Whitney (Astros), Scott Wiggins (Yankees).
Catchers: Tony Cosentino (Padres), Mike Rose (Astros), Dennis Twombley (Yankees).
Infielders: Mike Edwards (Indians), Jay Gibbons (Blue Jays), Derek Mann (Devil Rays), Scott Pratt (Indians), Jared Sandberg (Devil Rays), Mike Young (Blue Jays).
Outfielders: Eric Cole (Astros), Jon Hamilton (Indians), Jeremy Owens (Padres), Brandon Pernell (Padres), Marcus Thames (Yankees).

San Bernardino Sand Dragons
New PlayerReplaces
Joaquin Benoit, p, Rangers(previously unfilled)
Jacob Shumate, p, BravesJason Shiell, p, Braves
Luis Taveras, c, Rangers(previously unfilled)
Jose Cepeda, 2b, BravesMarcus Giles, 2b, Braves

Pitchers: Raymond Beasley (Braves), Joaquin Benoit (Rangers), Adrian Burnside (Dodgers), Lance Davis (Reds), Casey DeHart (Reds), David Elder (Rangers), Josh Garrett (Red Sox), Brett Haring (Reds), Blaine Neal (Marlins), Gary Knotts (Marlins), Marty McLeary (Red Sox), Jacob Shumate (Braves), Mike Spinelli (Red Sox), Craig Taczy (Dodgers).
Catchers: Brandon Harper (Marlins), David Ross (Dodgers), Luis Taveras (Rangers).
Infielders: Aaron Capista (Red Sox), Jose Cepeda (Braves), Jason Grabowski (Rangers), Jason Romano (Rangers), Jason Smith (Cubs), A.J. Zapp (Braves).
Outfielders: Ben Broussard (Reds), Bubba Crosby (Dodgers), Mark Fischer (Red Sox), Quincy Foster (Marlins), Dewayne Wise (Reds).

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