On December 2, 1982, episode #131 of "Quincy, M.E." aired on network television. It was one of the most powerful hours in the history of all media. A stunned generation has been picking up the pieces ever since. (Click here for the entire, hilarious Punk Rock Quincy issue of Request magazine online, featuring a Jack Klugman interview, memoirs from actual punk-rock extras who appeared in the episode, and more.)

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All excerpts, audio and video, copyright 1982, National Broadcasting Corporation.

Molly, her boyfriend, and the ill-fated street-punk Zack are waiting for the arrival of Abby. She makes her entrance, and Molly immediately notes that Abby needs "some punking up!"QuickTime(1.5 M) or RealAudio or AIFF(315K)

The punk-rock shredders "Mayhem" take the stage. "Fly," their frontman and iconic punker, abuses the audience with much mirth. QuickTime(1 M) or RealAudio or AIFF(315K)

As Mayhem's song "Get Up (I Wanna See You Choke)" reaches its heady climax, Zack the ill-fated street-punk gets stabbed in the neck with an ice pick in the middle of the mosh pit. QuickTime(1M) or RealAudio or AIFF(252K)

The Autopsy. Quincy notes the victim's self-mutilation scars, and Sam asks why anyone would want to do that. QuickTime(1.5 M) or RealAudio or AIFF(378K)

Dr. Emily Hanover tells Quincy "the punks" are "like soldiers fighting some kind of insane war." QuickTime(1.5 M) or RealAudio or AIFF(221K)

Fly leads Mayhem in another rousing -- and angry -- set of vitriol. Once again, it's "Get Up (I Wanna to See You Choke)". QuickTime(1M) or RealAudio or AIFF(158K)

Quincy bumps into an addle-brained punker and tells her "I'm with the Coroner's office." She says she's heard of his band and likes them. QuickTime(1M) or RealAudio or AIFF(158K)

Dr. Emily Hanover explains slam-dancing to Quincy. He says he has no intention of trying it. QuickTime(1M) or RealAudio or AIFF(248K)

Talk-show host Adrian Mercer asks Dr. Emily Hanover what makes punks different from past generations of disaffected youth. QuickTime(1.5 M) or RealAudio or AIFF(132K)

Adrian Mercer asks Abby to explain her point of view. Abby quotes the sage words of Fly, from a popular Mayhem song: "Ain't no tomorrow. Only yesterday's pain." QuickTime(1.5 M) or RealAudio or AIFF(156K)

Adrian Mercer asks Quincy if he seriously believes punk-rock music can kill. QuickTime(1.5 M) or RealAudio or AIFF(310K)

Mayhem frontman Fly lets Dr. Emily Hanover have a piece of his mind on the Adrian Mercer Show. QuickTime(1.5 M) or RealAudio or AIFF(256K)

Abby's friend Molly loses patience with Abby, explaining that punks "don't just look different. We are different!" QuickTime(1M) or RealAudio or AIFF(156K)

Dancing to the sound of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Quincy asks Dr. Emily Hanover why anyone would "want to listen to music that makes you hate, when you can listen to music that makes you love." QuickTime(1M) or RealAudio or AIFF(310K)

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