The Presidential Cigar

Sonny D has great taste in music. Not so for cigars.
Here's a collector's item for you:

The following information is submitted for your pleasure...


A large-size cigar ...

- Features an official gold seal and a Billy-C image.
- Measures an impressive (in the cigar industry, anyway) six-and-one-fifth inches long, with a respectable 50 ring circumference.
- Hand made - Longfeller oops, longfiller
- Tastes quite excellent! (for an item conceived in such poor taste).

"A good cigar, with a core of herbal and earthy notes."

"Quite well made, with some spice and a bit of a woody finish"

Each highly pleasureable cigar is only US $5.00.
Not available outside the USA. Add $3 S&H for each order.
Order by VISA or MC -- phone 1-425-228-7131Or fax order, shipping address, and credit card info to secure private fax line: 425-228-3965
Snail-mail orders: Talion Marketing - 330 SW 43rd St PMB K-547 Renton WA 98055

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