Warnung: Das ist kein Durchlauf durch die Welt von Riven.
Hinweise zum Lösen des Spiels werden nur nach und nach gegeben,
abhängig davon, welche Frage Sie genau haben!
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Last update: December 8, 1997 -- (What's New)

Willkommen zum deutschen Riven Hint Guide.

Welcome to the Riven Hint Guide. As with any help you may receive, there are parts of the game that could probably be approached in different ways (particularly near the end) and a few puzzles that could be viewed in a different (and perhaps more logical) light than I present them. I encourage commentary and criticism so I can perform the little tweaks to make this a better resource. This guide is similar in purpose and implementation to the Myst Hint Guide, which I also wrote.

I will try my best to avoid any unnecessary spoilers, but there are times when even hint links can be construed as mild spoilers, so please proceed at your own risk and start down the path where you need the most help. If you'd like to see a diary of my own experience with the game (lots of spoilers!), I've kept that up on the web site as well.

As time goes on, I will simply be making minor revisions to improve readability and to fix little errors or unclear things. I will also be updating the Hidden page as I receive new information about "secret" goodies. For those of you revisiting and looking for changes, I'm keeping a list of What's New.

The world of Riven can be divided up into five islands, named here according to their primary features. Click on the island where you are currently having the most trouble and you should be able to find the topic for hints you are seeking. The descriptions might be construed as very mild spoilers, but we have to start somewhere, and I figure by the time you are desperate enough to look for hints, you've done enough exploring to know these descriptions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are some other places I can go to find out more about Riven?
I've put together a list of some of the most comprehensive Riven sites out there on my Riven Links Page, including the first walkthrough I've heard about.
I'm having a problem with the software. Some kind of technical problem that makes the program run incorrectly. Can you help me?
In short, no. I don't work for anyone associated with Cyan or Broderbund, and I have only a scant amount of knowledge about debugging software. My knowledge of Riven ends with the game itself. To save me time and effort, any requests for technical help that are sent my way will be simply deleted without comment. Check Cyan's Riven Page for technical support from the company.
Can you help me figure out X?
Please, unless you have a specific question about something you have NOT been able to find in the hint guide, I'd prefer not to get any email asking for specific help. The hint guide is intended to be comprehensive, so if you find it doesn't meet your needs, I suggest you download a walkthrough.
Have you read any of the Myst books that have been published?
Yes, click here for details.
Why is this site mostly text? Where are all the cool images?
Riven is a more complex game than Myst, and there are several items in the game that defy easy description, so I have included small images where necessary, but these are optional. I will always try to explain everything with text as well. Why make this a mostly text-based site? Read here.
Why did I bother creating this site?
To make a long story short, because making the Myst Hint Guide was fun, and I promised a lot of thankful people that I'd do the same thing for Riven. To make a short story long, and to understand what the fundamental difference is between a hint guide and a walkthrough, read this.
Are there other games out there like Myst and Riven?
I'm sure there are, but I don't have the time to keep track of them or play them, let alone learn them well enough to write a hint guide. I appreciate those of you who have sent me email on this subject suggesting other games, but I'm afraid I just can't do a very good job of keeping up with this topic. There are other, better sites for this sort of thing.
I finished the game in X hours. Is that some kind of record?
If you must compare times competitively, you're kind of missing the point of the game. If you must know, I finished in about 18 hours while purposefully avoiding all help. Here is a diary of my experiences and thoughts while playing the game. Please don't send your times to me, though, because for everyone out there who is willing to claim they finished in X hours, there is someone else who will claim even more loudly that they finished in X/2 hours. Just as any IQ test simply measures your ability to take that particular test, your success (or lack thereof) in Riven is a measure of nothing more than your ability to succeed at Riven. Don't lose any sleep over it.
Do you keep statistics on accesses to this site?
Actually, the nice people at Supernews do this for me. They have a little cgi form-based interface. I just select which stats I want (I use only a limited number of the options that are possible just so I can keep the size of the file down) and at the top of the next hour, a new stat report is generated. Very nifty! Let's just say the hit count is pretty staggering. :)

Doug Ingram -- d.ingram@tcu.edu -- About the author.

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