CLOWN'S HOLE Alot of fun stuff...Maybe.
Clown's Hole
Alot of fun stuff...Maybe.

Clown's Hole

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Steal Your Face
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WELLL here's the story about ME!!! Oh okay.....Well no I can't tell you the story cause BOB my webmanager says that if I type the whole thing I will take up all the space on this server...So (you do realize this is a huge run-on sentence that won't end for a while) I can't tell you the WHOLE thing, but I can start when I was about five...(FLASHBACK WARNING)...It all started when I was by the birdbath...SHUTUP BOB...okay..oh yeah the birdbath.....WELL these birds came...DAMN YOU BOB I'M TRYIN TO TELL A STORY!!! SHUTUP..... and they pooped.....DAMN THAT MAN...the story is too long says bob so I have to end it now but you can read the whole thing backwards...NOW! This is probably very confusing and you are wondering whats happening...RIGHT? Well I'm not going to tell you you just have to sit there and stare at this screen while I look at you.... AND YOU CAN'T do a THING about it...cause nomatter what you do I can still see you. NOPE THAT WON'T WORK.....I still see you. I knoe you're thinkin' why I took all this time to write all this crap to somebody I don't knoe...
ICQ me. My UIN is 4696925.
If you don't have ICQ get it by clicking here. Ten bucks says you know someone who has it...Ask your friends...



WELL...I hope your enjoyed exploring my hole. You might have more fun messing around in my PIT...BYE!!!