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- COMDEX Report Day 1: All About Video Cards
- Diamond Viper II Z200 Savage2000 Review
- Quake 3 Demo out
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- Rage Line Selected for a bunch of different computers
- Rage 128 Cooler
- WHQL Rage 128 and Rage 128 Pro and Rage Pro Drivers
- ATI graphics and video selected by Legend Computer Systems
- New ATI Rage 128 Drivers and Rage 128 Pro Info
- Rage3D Matrox Millenium G400 Review
- RAGE Mobility for HP OmniBook 4150 and 900 notebook
- 32MB XPERT 2000 PRO
- All-in-Wonder 128 Pro
- ATI Responds to 32bit Z-Buffer Question



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Monday, November 15, 1999

COMDEX Report Day 1: All About Video Cards - 11:26 pm EST - MrB
GamePC has written an article about his meetings with various video card companies including ATI. They talk about 3dfx's new Voodoo line just announced today, the Voodoo 4 and Vooodoo 5 which has a super high fill rate but I'm not at all impressed not saying though it's a bad card. I can ramble on and on but really go check out GamePC's article

Diamond Viper II Z200 Savage2000 Review - 11:07 pm EST - MrB
FiringSquad has posted a review of the Savage2K. I'm mainly posting it because it has a nice benchmark comparison between all the next gen cards coming out. Savage 2000, GeForce SDR & DDR and preproduction MAXX. The MAXX didn't fair so well either b/c of poor drivers or because of it's beta state. What really showed well was it's high res benches topping even the GeForce DDR but hopefully they can get it up there at all res's. Of course we also see the cpu dependency of the MAXX. Anyways check it here

ATI RAGE FURY PRO Review - 3:56 pm EST - MrB
iXBT has posted a review of the plain Rage Fury Pro (no digital out, tv-out/in). It's pretty extensive dealing with 32 bit % performance loss, image quality and bunches more. It seems the drivers particularly the OpenGL ICD is still not up to par but I'd like one for myself to play around with. Also DXTC does not seem to be utilized yet in the drivers they had. Read about everything here

Quake 3 Demo out - 9:41 am EST - MrB
Haven't had a chance to try it yet but downloaded last night. You can download it here:

Quake 3 Demo - 50 megs

Sunday, November 14, 1999

Q3A Demo Soon! - 10:01 pm EST - MrB
Saw over at John Carmack's .plan that the Q3 Demo will be released soon!

The demo test is built. It should go up in a couple
hours if nothing explodes.

Mac and linux builds won't be out tonight.

Man I'm going to be asleep what a bummer. But I'll try to mirror asap for all the Rage3D folk.

Thursday, November 11, 1999

Rage Line Selected for a bunch of different computers - 5:21 pm EST - MrB
ATI seems to be racking in all the oems particulary the laptop section. The ATI's RAGE Mobility has been choosen for the new Fujitsu FMV DeskPower Pliche 243. (still not the mobility 128 ) Also Fujitsu has selected the Rage 128 chip for use in the new FMW line of corporate PC systems. And lastly Acer is going to be using various ATI Xpert cards for use in a whole range of machines. XPERT 128 16 MB or XPERT 99 8 meg will be featured in the AcerPower 8600. The XPERT 2000 card with 32MB will be utilized in AcerPower 8400 series. Phew done with the PR!

Rage 128 Cooler - 4:55 pm EST - MrB
Ian has worked up a kick ass heatsink/fan cooler for his Rage 128 Xpert. You can check out his beast of a cooler here That compared to the standard heatsink that comes with Rage Fury is like a monsterous. He also worked up some benchmarks in Quake 2.

Wednesday, November 10, 1999

WHQL Rage 128 and Rage 128 Pro and Rage Pro Drivers - 11:15 pm EST - MrB
First of all I'd like to thank Steve who sent word of these drivers to me and also to ATI-Scope who posted these drivers. These drivers are Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Lab certified so they should be fairly stable.

Rage 128/Rage 128 Pro
Win9x Intel based motherboards 4 megs - 6.30cd09c version 4.11.6222
Win9x Super7 motherboards 2 megs - 6.30cd09c
WinNT 2.3 megs - 6.30cd09c

Rage Pro
Win9x Intel based motherboards 4 megs - 5.40
Win9x Super7 motherboards Addon 2 megs - 5.40

ATI graphics and video selected by Legend Computer Systems - 3:35 pm EST - MrB
Legend Computer Systems, China's leading PC maker has selected ATI's Rage 128 VR graphics chip to be used along with their Tian He 860. If you're interested read the PR

Tuesday, November 09, 1999

New ATI Rage 128 Drivers and Rage 128 Pro Info - 10:32 pm EST - MrB
ATI has released Initial Release Drivers version 4.11.6220. Quite a hefty download at 12.5megs which they are trying to shrink in the future. It is supposed to solve these two problems:

1.TV OUT is enabled randomly at boot, even with no TV attached
2.ATITuneP and ATIXBar have exclamation marks under Windows 98 SE, AIW128

So if you have a big enough pipe get the drivers here

They've also added a Rage 128 Pro driver section but whoever owns any of the Rage 128 Pro boards has the latest drivers on CD. I've asked ATI about the shipping date of the Fury Pro and found out there was a small limited quantity shipped already but full shipping won't start till early/mid December. So expect to see the boards on shelves then. The reason of course being they are behind in production probably due to Taiwan earthquake that has slow down production of all video card manufacturers. Therefore the Rage Fury Pro is covering the low-mid end video card section and the MAXX competing in the high end in December

Rage3D Matrox Millenium G400 Review - 5:36 pm EST - MrB
Brian has finished up his review of the Matrox Millenium G400 Review. You're probably thinking this is an all ATI site but we just aren't biased here on ATI products ;). Looks like a pretty decent board which you can learn all about here

RAGE Mobility for HP OmniBook 4150 and 900 notebook - 2:49 pm EST - MrB
Hewlett-Packard has choosen the Rage Mobility chipset for use in the OmniBook 4150 and 900 notebook line. You can read the PR here Now when are we going to be seeing the mobility 128 in use ;) ?

Monday, November 08, 1999

32MB XPERT 2000 PRO - 5:55 pm EST - MrB
ATI announces another board today. The Xpert 2000 Pro again based on the Rage 128 Pro chipset. This is more of a low cost OEM solution but still has the full feature set. The difference is the memory interface which is 64bit for the Xpert 2000 Pro and 128 for the Fury Pro. Read about it here

All-in-Wonder 128 Pro - 5:48 pm EST - MrB
ATI has added a new board to their All-In-Wonder line, the All-in-Wonder 128 Pro based on ATI's newly released Rage 128 Pro chipset. It also utilized their Rage Theatre chipset! Looks like one of the best all around boards to come out. Read the full PR

ATI Responds to 32bit Z-Buffer Question - 3:43 pm EST - MrB
Gamer's Depot has gotten a reply about the way the Rage Fury MAXX handles Z-Buffer when in 32bit mode.

Q:"Doesn't the Rage Fury Maxx use a 16bit Z-buffer when switching to 32bit color mode?"

A:I checked Quake 3 with our latest drivers and we do indeed use a 32-bit Z-buffer when in 32 bpp colour mode. Actually we divide this up into a 24-bit Z-buffer and 8-bit stencil buffer, but this is the same thing Nvidia does. You can see what buffer settings are being used by going from the Main Menu into System-->Graphics Options-->Driver Info and looking at the
"Pixelformat" field. The command to change it is by typing "_depthbits" followed by the desired Z-buffer depth at the console. The stencil buffer
depth can also be changed by using "r_stencilbits".

Brian Hentschel
Media Relations
ATI Technologies






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