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Live At The Gods

"Live At The Gods - Official Bootleg"

(Now & Then Records NTHEN 42)

  1. Dreams
  2. Scream
  3. Far Away
  4. Deep Winter
  5. Lonely Night
  6. Fire & Ice
  7. On A Storyteller's Night
  8. The Tower
  9. Fear Of The Dark
  10. Just Like An Arrow
Mixed by Audu Obaje

Additional info.:
Live Album, Recorded at The Gods 98, Wigan, UK.
15th November 1998

The Tower

"The Tower"

(Now & Then Productions / Frontiers Records FR CD 008)

  1. Dreams
  2. Scream
  3. Far Away
  4. Deep Winter
  5. Fire & Ice
  6. Madrigal
  7. Steel
  8. The Tower
  9. Fear Of The Dark
  10. Epilogue
Produced by Gary Hughes


Bob CatleyOver the last 25 years Bob Catley has established a reputation as one of Britain's top vocalists with his work in Magnum and currently with Hard Rain. Now Bob has embarked on a parralel solo career alongside his ongoing commitment to Hard Rain and long time colleague Tony Clarkin.

Bob has teamed up with Ten frontman, and longstanding Magnum fan, Gary Hughes who has written all the songs on "The Tower" (as well as producing and playing bass and keyboards). "The Tower" was written with classic Magnum very much in mind and harks back to "On A Storyteller's Night" style pomp meeting "Wings Of Heaven" style AOR with a very 90s melodic rock production bringing the old sound bang up to date. With contributions from Gary's fellow Ten colleagues Vinny Burns (guitar) and Greg Morgan (drums) there are similarities to Ten, but with Bob's distinctive vocals on top there is no confusing the two projects.

AOR Hard Rock Hotspot gave "The Tower" 94% (PRODUCTION: 90%, SONGS: 95%, VIBE: 90%, ATTITUDE: 96%) and said: "The first thing that hits you about this album is that the sound, the songs and the production are just huge.", "The sound is a tribute to pomp and big epic guitars, keyboards and vocals.", "fans will have no trouble calling this an instant classic.", "(Bob) is a great singer without doubt and rules this record.", "some of the best tunes I have heard from Bob since "Wings Of Heaven" and "Sleepwalking".", "The opening two tracks are two of the biggest and most pomp driven tunes I have ever heard." and "a musically complex and accomplished record that all involved in should be very proud of.".

SFK gave "The Tower" 92% and said: "Songs like "Scream", "Fire And Ice" and the bouncy "Steel" all demand your attention and sport a very full arena-type sound that relies heavily on equal parts of guitar and keyboards. And on the more pomp-like tunes, like the magnificent epic "Far Away" and the gliding "Deep Winter", Bob really hits his vocal stride.", "Bob lashes out with an urgency that I'm sure he hasn't felt in some time", "I cannot remember when he has sounded finer, whether this is due to Gary Hughes' excellent production or that Bob is just aging gracefully, I don't know." and "Overall, there's not a bad moment to be found. This just may be some of the best work of his long and prolific career."

Classic Rock gave "The Tower" 8/10 and said: "one of Britains leading rock voices", Hughes' songwriting allows "Catley to pour his heart into a track like "Scream" and "Bob seems to have added a rewarding new dimension to his career."

Powerplay gave "The Tower" a Highly Recommended rating and said: "What better way to start off your solo career than with an absolute belter!", "Gary has captured that special feel and vibe of "Storyteller's" perfectly and wrapped it up beautifully in renaissance/symphonic style instrumentation, with big grandiose almost epic film score like production schemes", "Spectacular - "On A Storyteller's Night Part 2" with balls!", ""Far Away" is a ballad of epic proportions that propels Bob's vocals to heights rarely touched even in his Magnum days", "A production job worthy enough to grace the Titanic soundtrack" and "Essential listening for all fans of vintage Magnum"

Bob made his debut solo appearence at The Gods '98 in November, performing a showstopping set featurng tracks form "The Tower" as well as classic Magnum songs. Such was the response to the show that Now & Then decided to release an "official bootleg" of the set. "Live At The Gods" was released in January 1999 and features the full set list performed on the day. Bob's backing band for the concert was made up of Vinny Burns (Ten) on lead guitar, Paul Hodson (Hard Rain) on keyboards/backing vocals, Mike Dmitrovic (Emerald Rain) rhythm guitar, Sean Gregory (Emerald Rain) on bass, Murray Daigle (Emerald Rain) acoustic guitar/bacing vocals and Kyle Lazenka on drums.

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