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Bangers and S*M*A*S*H Monday, November 15 21:46 GMT | Matt

We are proud to annouce that we have just caught an exclusive preview of Freddy's superb looking Banger Racing T/C. We have had an interview with the man himself and have a plethora of exlcusive screenshots for your delectation showing just how well Banger Racing is capturing the essence of the real life Banger racing sport, this is a must see so check it out now:
..Choclate on your biscuit Monday, November 15 21:07 GMT | Matt

It came to our attention a short while ago that after the bout of server changes we went through before Viper secured the Gaming-City that we hadnt resumed our membership of the Carmageddon Webmasters Alliance, but you now see we caught up with that and and are once again proud members of the CWA.
Busy Bunnies Sunday, November 14 02:59 GMT | Matt

Toxic Ragers, says it all really, but this week has been extra special if take a butchers. Errol has been a very busy bunny by the looks of it. Raven-X and Errol have teamed up to produce not one, but two quality hacks of the 37ford, the first a remapped ZZtop 37ford and the second a yellow hot-rod style remake with side exhaust and what appears to be a V8 slapped on the bonnet, while the latter is just in preview stage, the rat he's been working I think it would be reasonable to expect it this weekend.

Also available is the crazy contraption from errol, 'The Decaptitator'. Which places you in some kind glass dome contraption with spinny blades, has to be seen to be believed so pick it up from Toxic Ragers now.
Towering Inferno Sunday, November 14 01:03 GMT | Matt

Things are looking up now as it seems BGC Motors is back and raring to go. Boose has just posted two excellent new Kavera skins, one for Puma's R/T called 'Inferno', which as the name suggests, leaves the car looking hot. And the other is for Slayer409's 75'Chevy called Red Devil. Boose also says he's got TopDog$ Camaro back up, as with all BGC produce, highly reccomended:
More Eagles? Friday, November 12 19:38 GMT | Jester

I've been in contact with NURB again, and he's informed me that he won't be releasing just one Eagle, but six! Instead of just the normal red colour, he's releasing the Eagle in different "flavours": Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, and White. Each one will be released as different models so that they can replace the multi-coloured Eagle 3's. Here's a pic of all six together. They should be released fairly soon.

1 + 2 = 0 Wednesday, November 10 22:42 GMT | Matt

Some of you have may have noticed my umm, well lets say fluff-up regarding the counter, but thats now sorted so dont get too stressed, thats my job :). Thanks to Jester for pointing it out.
Heavy on the anchovies Tuesday, November 09 22:08 GMT | Matt

The Pedestrian Pizza Palace has just uploaded another batch of skins. One for his Caterum Super7, an optimised british racing green skin by me, and two skins by 'The Dutch Guy' for two of the Cameron Cars, including a bloodied up version of the Tipper, all highly recommended [no bias, honest ;)]:
Carrghhhhhmageddon Tuesday, November 09 21:51 GMT | Matt

Over at Toxic Ragers Errol and Alan have teamed up once again to produce the 'Skool Bus', which is to be honest, one of the most isane vehicles they've done to date. Driven by a mentally unstable clown, it appears the army has decided to commandere and upgrade the South Park Elementary school into a first class war machine, featuring the likes of swinging axes, a gun turret and a front grill mod to make a combine harvester feel inadequate - take it for a test drive today:
Super Trooper Monday, November 08 03:53 GMT | Jester

Earlier this week, Matt posted an announcement that Manson had released the Caterum Super 7 over at the Pedestrian Pizza Palace, and now I'm going one step further: bringing the car here. Head on over to page 12 of the cars section to download this speedy little car.
Team Rocket returns... Monday, November 08 03:44 GMT | Jester

It seems that Econobrick has continued his Team Rocket line of cars, this time with a Semi in two flavours: One with a trailer, and one without. These trucks are driven by Jesse and James in disguise as two 80's Punk Rockers, but you can still recognise this gruesome twosome from the Pokemon TV show. The added insentive to the trailered version is the rare pokemon in the back, Jigglypuff On Stage!
Put the C back in Armageddon Friday, November 05 00:47 GMT | Matt

Is something I've been saying for a while now and a recent topic on the CWA Board. And therefore I will most likely be producing two versions of each of the cars, the vanilla versions and the 'Arsenal Equipt' version featuring blades, spikes and bloody bits - in the spirit of Carmageddon. So far I've been working on the 'Dieablo' [previously named 'Diableuh'] and fitting it with eagle1 style blades, but instead of having just one, that is hardly viewable from the default and most used back view, apart from a couple of pixels as you swing round a corner, I have attached two blades angled so they can been seen from behind and also double up as a target; line the space between the start of the two blades at a ped and hit the gas and the poor sod doesnt have time to say his goodbyes before he's had an accident with your oversized Lambourghini inspired paper shredder.

Blunderbolts Friday, November 05 00:42 GMT | Matt

I'm still working on this, the Forb Blunderbird, and I its coming along nicely. Its another example of the chroming technique I've been using, they only downside to this technique is that its not really possible to have opening doors as they opening action distorts the texture mapping, however it still has its major up-factors like the high aesthetic value and extremely small amount of textures needed. However I think I'll do a normal tetured version for those of you who want the door, I'll leave you with eyecandy for now:

Broadening your horizons Thursday, November 04 20:53 GMT | Matt

Carmageddon 1979 looks like a project worth keeping tabs on, announced recently it looks to be headed by Under Ground Master with support from some from some of the excellent editors like Boose and Scream. UGM states:
"Carmageddon 1979 puts you in the vigilante era, with races and missions from all over Amercia..." and "...Carmageddon 1979 will also have an accurate credits system so getting money won't be as easy "
So be sure to check out the info and see how its coming along over at:
Chevelle gets hallowe'eny on your hiney Thursday, November 04 20:51 GMT | Matt

Halloween was rather special over at MAC Carpocalypse this year as that marks the release of another masterpiece from Chevelle, following up his 'Rhianon' and 'Jet Car' [which are also availble from there] come the 'Munster Coach', its a beautifully modelled and textured car that captures the spirit of carmageddon in traditional Munsters style, I'll leave you with there preview picture; as the saying goes, a pictures worth a thousand words, so head on over and pick up this essential addition to any carma fans installation:
Just super Thursday, November 04 20:25 GMT | Matt

Head on over to the Pedestrian Pizza Palace and pick up Manson's latest creation the 'Caterum Super 7'. A nifty sleek little open top racer, so go add it to your collection now:

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