Light Saber Dueling

"This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster...An elegant weapon for a more civilized age." -Obi-Wan Kenobi

Many 3D shooters have some sort of melee attack. The Quake axe, for example. In such games, the best attack is to rush your opponent from behind, preferably when using some sort of power-up, and hit them as many times as possible before they can counter-attack.

The light saber should not be used in this fashion. If you take the "whack it over the head until it stops moving approach" you're going to die a lot, particularly when fighting other Jedi.

Remember, the light saber also has defensive value. When not attacking, your character will block incoming attacks with the saber. All you have to do is face your opponent, and not press any of the attack buttons. The moment you swing your light saber, you are vulnerable to a pistol shot, or another light saber.

The key thing then is to combine movement, and the use of the Force with your attacks. Once you can move, swing your saber, and use the Force together, you're next to invincible.

Fighting Opponents Who Don't Have Light Sabers

  • Keep facing the enemy, and the saber will automatically deflect the shots. Most enemies have an attack pattern. For example, a Storm Trooper armed with a repeater gun usually fires about four or five shots at close range, then pauses. That's when you attack. You can usually time the period between attacks, and work out a rhythm for your own offensive.
  • When fighting multiple opponents, use the Saber to block, and then Force Pull or Grip to disarm/kill your opponents one by one.
  • Inclined planes present a difficulty. Often, just a slight difference in elevation will keep you from delivering a fatal blow, or blocking a shot. If you are not level with your opponents, angle your body up and down to better meet the attack.
  • A melee hit can often disrupt your swing. If someone is punching you, or using the weapon as a club, step back a little to cut a clean, uninterrupted swing.

Fighting Opponents Who Have Light Sabers

  • Circle your opponents, look for an opening. The Z key is good to entice your opponents into blocking. Now step around them so the back swing hits them.
  • Step in and out. Using Force Speed gives you the extra speed you need to tempt your opponent into swinging, stepping back to avoid the attack, and then stepping in with an attack of your own.
  • Always remember: when you swing, you are vulnerable to attack. When your opponent swings, they're the ones who are vulnerable.
  • Try crouching! A quick duck can avoid a blow, and hit the opponents low. This is a nasty tactic often missed in multiplayer. Just don't crouch for extended periods of time.
  • Try jumping and attack at the same time, particularly if your opponent has the high ground. Can make you hard to hit
  • Teaching yourself to play with the mouse allows you to spin, look up and down faster. Get used to playing with the mouse, and be sure to assign the Force powers to hot keys so you can use them on the fly.
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